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Title: At The Racetrack

Description: Horse racing is a sport that has a very, very long history since the ancient times. Archaeological evidences show that horse racing appeared in ancient Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. You have probably heard about the ancient Greek Olympic Games! According to the archeological documents even in this ancient time, namely by 648 BC, two different styles of equestrian sports in the Greek Olympics were extremely popular: chariot and mounted horse racing! This was also very popular sport in the Roman Empire! But, not just a sport! Chariot and mounted horse racing were actually the major industries! Thoroughbred racing is a very popular sport with the aristocrats and royalty of British society, and that`s why it was called “Sport of Kings”! This equestrian sport is widespread throughout the world! But, in every country the style, the type of the horse race and also the distances vary from one country to another. But, anyway there are three basic types of racing which include: flat racing, steeple chasing (over jumps), and harness racing. Do you know some horse breeds? Maybe Arabian sounds familiar?!? Well, this breed is used for flat racing. But there are some other breeds used for this type of racing like the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Paint, and Appaloosa. For steeple chasing are used Thoroughbred and AQPS, while for the harness racing Standard bredhorses is the best choice, although in some countries other breeds are used. But, probably the most popular thing in this sport is the betting! Yes, the betting! Well, many people put a lot of money on this!

Game Walkthrough: This game offers you to experience the horse racing excitement! Your task is to choose a horse, a jockey, a trainer, stable and some other things needed for the training! The first thing you need to do is to by a horse. There are twelve horses offered. They all have different prices! Also their characteristics like fitness, speed, stamina, jumps and attitude vary from one horse to another. So, it`s up to you what will you buy! You can also adjust the intensity of the jockeys ride. If he rides hard, you have better chance of winning, but also the risk of falling increases. There are a lot of things you have to do in order to prepare your horse for the race! Be careful what you choose! Try to make a good plan! Take a look at all the options that are given here and calculate well what would be the best option for your horse. You need to take a good care of it if you want to win the race!

Game Instructions: Just follow the instructions, and when you want to select something from the things offered, just click the left mouse button! Yes, that`s it! Try this exciting horse ride and good luck!

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magestic beauty (29 March 2013):
I have 2 horses. they are super pretty one is pure Appaloosa and the other is an Appaloosa X Thoroughbred. They are super silly and one likes to nuzzle my hair. My mother thinks that when the one nuzzles my hair, its adorable... as for me, its annoying. I think its annoying because I always wear headbands and my one horse steals them from my hair and I have to chase him around his pasture. this is a HUGE problem. ( for me!!!!! :p)
horse_girl (21 February 2012):
What the heck, I never give beer to my horse midnight (who is PURE black n is a thoroughbred) Sad
horse_girl (14 February 2012):
what is with the foods, seriously who would buy rootbeer for  a horse?
nielsenl3005 (16 October 2011):
love it everyone try wat thehorsedreamer said u will win and can someone send me a private message please
SaddleCrazy (2 August 2011):
i always start of with Keith he wins all the time for me!
SaddleCrazy (2 August 2011):

i love horse racing and this game is great!! but who would feed their horse root beer? lol i wuld not feed my horses that
nielsenl3005 (17 June 2011):
i tried what thehorsedreamer said and it actully worked!!!!! ive got 151600 pounds
thehorsedreamer (27 May 2011):
btw start with blue gin,beer, chips mchoy,harry cheese,istable, delux and then swap to walking thunder when u get enough money. Win win win!
horserider1107 (20 March 2011):
i used to win everytime and this time i didnt..... who would feed a horse root beer? if i did that to my horse (i dont have one...) if i would be feeding my horse hairy cheese he or she would have to go to the vet and get her flu virus shots.... they hurt have you got one before???? Hmm...
mackenzie600 (25 February 2011):
Did you take my advice because i just played it again and this time he didn't win like he has done with me in the past.
mackenzie600 (24 February 2011):
Pick Blue Gin! Feed him beer, have Chips Mchoy, Harry Cheese, Istable, and Delux i won 15 races with him and the other ones i won 2nd and 3nd. i got 589,290 dollars with him PICK HIM!!!!!!!!!!
Tinkerhorse (23 February 2011):
BLUE GIN IS BEST HORSE...i won the whole season undefeated...Feed him beer, have Chips Mchoy, Harry Cheese, Istable, and Delux and u win everytime Wink
bigfoot rocks123 (20 February 2011):
Just choose the most expensive stable, most expensive trainer, most expensive horse, and most expensive transportation!!! But you have to figure food out by yourself.
cobi92 (23 January 2011):
well it is kinda hard but u have to save up to buy the best horse (cat food) and then the best transportation and then the best stable and then the best trainer (harry cheese) and for more cheats visit my web sight  
bmscaes01 (31 December 2010):
hey if yall go to this game is on there and it is called Horse Tycoon on horse riding games.
PONY MAD (27 December 2010):
have cat food feed him burgers,chips mccoy,tiana turnover and,get the delux and the Istable!!!!!!!!on cat food i won 150,00 good luch with the game!! Wave
Pupdog911 (24 December 2010):
Don't choose Keith! He refuses almost every race! Get Blue Gin, he just won four races in a row and won over 100k by the fifth race.
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