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Title: Dream Pony

Description: Make your dream pony, choose its color, its mane, and even its body decorations. Just make it as your imagination tell you.

Played: 25,278
Rating: 4.64 [Rate]
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ponygirl9 (9 January 2013):
now i amde a stallionand he rules the dark side....and i amde his enemy the mare of happiness. i did a mare of love 2.
ponygirl9 (9 January 2013):
i also made a rainbow mare
ponygirl9 (9 January 2013):
i  made a sky mare Cool
horselover3 (2 May 2012):
made love heart Happy
horselover3 (2 May 2012):
made the girl of life Happy
horselover3 (2 May 2012):
made the boy of the light Happy
horselover3 (2 May 2012):
made god of the night
horselover3 (2 May 2012):
made godness of the sun Happy
horselover3 (29 April 2012):
i made nightmaremoon
horselover3 (29 April 2012):
have u seen my little pony well my pony is rainbow dash's daughter Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy  Happy
lovewolvesandponys7 (28 April 2011):
I made 3 ponys One is daebreak (the goddess of day) Her husband (the god of night) and there daughter and son  THe girl has the power to make rainbows son is the dead master
honeypony16 (23 August 2010):
I can make my pony!!! (Minus the blaze and splodges   wearing a black   green japanese shirt!) This game is awesome and really cute!! Happy  Happy  Happy
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