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Title: Elsa Milking Cow

Description: Elsa Milking Cow is offered to you start to play you have to know that Elsa game where you have to help her to milk the cow is provided especially by its users request. The new game with Elsa, farmer of Frozen will feature the main character Elsa plan will have to take care of her beautiful and cute cow. First you have to behave as nice to her, to give her to eat dry fan, to give him to drink water from the bucket of wood, favorite cow, then you have to take turns some tools and try to clean, to care for and so do you devote to prove that you're good enough to milk a cow so. First brush with which you will have to delete the cow back and over the body, clearing a spot stains all you have, then try to get other disinfectant solution, namely to give the cow udder so that you have not infect microbes and not milk the cow milking, then fine cloth to wipe sterile bucket to get where you have milked the cow and give it beat.

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