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Title: The Jump Game

Description: Run through the beautiful sandy beach and jump as much obstacles as you can. Use your space bar to jump.

Played: 49,031
Rating: 3.53 [Rate]
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horse_girl (16 June 2012):
it's so real
Show Horse (22 August 2011):
This game looks intresting - good vurtial horse but I may differ I have seen better horses . It failed to jump at the same time I pressed the button as well as a few of other games . People like this game and my verdict is I don't like it but I apreciate it !
Trakehner (4 May 2011):
Just so you know, the Palace Of Horses was discontinued and is no longer a game so the probably didnt finish creating all the levels etc
racingchik (1 October 2010):
i made it to the end of the trail but the horse is ugly and the parrot scared me and the mane on the horse looked stringy so its a thumb down for me
daddylittlegirl (28 August 2010):
i love this game but the hard thing about it is that ti is way to hard tto jump once you get into the game
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