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Title: New Horse Puzzle

Description: Are you tired from your daily activities and obligations? You need a brake? So if you are a little tired of solving your real life`s puzzle, here is a chance for you to take a break of it and start playing this new puzzle game! Yeah, it can help you relax and t the same time it will return your energy, so after playing it, you can return to your daily activities refreshed and rested! You must admit that everyone needs a little retreat from daily routine! So come on, puzzles are not just interesting and fun games that will relax you, but they are also an excellent way to improve your logical reasoning! These games are suitable for adults as well as for children! Everyone loves them! Yeah, puzzles…every human being is trying to solve the puzzle of his own live! But now let`s solve this puzzle and see the picture of a gorgeous horse!!!

Game Walkthrough: Ok, so let`s have some fun! As soon as you start the game you will all the pieces of the picture, scattered around the game screen! Your task here is to get every single piece at the correct position and to complete the whole picture of the beautiful black horse! You can take as long as you need to finish this challenge, because there is no time limitation! Ok, so look around the game screen very well and find the matching pieces. You can start from the horse`s body for example, or the edges of the picture…it`s your choice…you know the beginning is the most difficult part! So come on, start with something and you will see that as you find a few pieces and you stick them together it`s going to be easier and easier! Yeah, one by one, step by step, and you`ll complete the whole picture. And once you drag a piece at the right position it will automatically glue to that place, so you don`t have to worry! So continue with this activity until all the pieces are glued together!

Game Instructions: Start playing and you will see that this is one of those very simples games to play! Yeah, it is all just drag and drop! So click on the left mouse button on the pieces and place them on the correct position! Well, my friend, don`t waste a second more and start solving this puzzle! I hope you will spend an interesting time solving this new horse puzzle!!!

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Andalusian.Lover (18 June 2011):
i hav 2 get one of my horses put down soon  Sad her name is Noran Dejavu but we call her little girl and shes so beautiful (shes an arab and has really good breeding) but she has a few health problems from not being properly looked after by previous owners  Sad im gonna miss her so much she was my first horse so im gonna get a peice of her mane and get a necklace made out of it soon
madi2367 (30 November 2010):
I never rode another horse until last year when I got a new horse for christmas. This ones name is Tunder. He is very similar to Clash but Thunders not as big as Clash was. I now own 4 horses!!! Boots (bay), Epona(tan with white mane and tail), Ghost (pure white) and now Thunder (jet black)!!!!!! Happy
madi2367 (30 November 2010):
I was only 10 years old when that happened. The only thing I remember was hearing the vets shotgun go off at 11:30 p.m. I remember crying for hours and hours that night, but thats all I remember. It saw the saddest and emptiest feeling i've had in my. life Sad  Sad  Sad
madi2367 (13 November 2010):
its ok it was a 3 yrs ago im a little over it but still a litle not
madi2367 (3 November 2010):
my friends parents were gonna press charges if she did lose a finger
madi2367 (3 November 2010):
cuz my friend almost lost a finger. literally hes that fast when it comes to strangers
madi2367 (27 October 2010):
This pic makes me sad cuase i used to have a horse like this but he was ill-tempered so we had  to put him down. His name was Clash. He would try to bite everyone,but not me. he would only let me ride him. If anyone else try to ride him it was like watching a bucking bronco at the rodeo! I miss him. Sad
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