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Title: Hestespilet

Description: Horses are one of the noblest animals out there and also so helpful for us, humans. For hundreds and hundreds of years people have trained them and used them for so many purposes. For example humans ride horses and for a long time used them for transportation. If these animals hadnít been there (before bikes and cars were invented), people would had to walk for hundreds of miles and the trips from point A to point B would have lasted for months

But besides practical purposes, people use horses even for entertainment. Have you ever been to the racing tracks? Well if you havenít than go and take a look. Put a bet on the horse you think will win in the race.

Game Walkthrough:Many of us havenít got the chance to ride a horse in real life. So if you want to experience that this virtual game is perfect for you. Itís only you and your horse out there which is actually the best way to ride. There are no instructors, experts that will interrupt you. Just the two of you and the wind in your hair. Perfect! You will ride through the most beautiful landscapes, race and have fun by winning some extra points. Also look at this game as a sign. How? Well if you are good at riding the horse, if you enjoy it, if you think it will be even more interesting in real life than just go to the stable in or near your town. There must be! Check it out on the internet and give it a go. Itís never too late. Remember that! Never!

Game Instructions:Control your horse with the help of the arrow keys on the keyboard. Press the right-key if you want him to run faster, the left-key to stop or go backwards and also if you want to make him jump just press on the up-key. Itís not complicated to play this game. We believe that you will get the hang of it from the second you press start even if you havenít read these instructions. Nevertheless just go in there and enjoy an interrupted and dynamic session of horseback riding.

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horse_girl (16 June 2012):
I own a barn that is great we have at least 20 horses, 5 are not ours, but its great 5 people boraded their horses at my barn
horse_girl (13 February 2011):
I LOVE THE HORSES  Happy OH AND buckma and horsedreamer plz stop fighting Sad  Sad
HorseDreamer (28 October 2010):
buckma who really cares how the horse looks like for me every horse in that game is perfect and not just frida even i think sam is cute and good so can you shut up and stop complaining about the horses
HorseDreamer (28 October 2010):
sam is cute he/she looks like a pony i seen befor  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy love it
buckma (7 October 2010):
sam is all low-hung swan-neck type (which, believe me, is not good) and ib's eyes are bugged out and his neck is too thin. but frida is perfect. Her white coat and blue eyes go together, and her neck is the perfect proportion for a horse like her. And she is well groomed. everyone should like her.
buckma (21 April 2010):
Frida is my best horse. I like the blonde the best, too.
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