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Title: Jump Off

Description: In this JUMP OFF Game use the left and right arrow keys to guide JORJA and JIGSAW to each fence,and the SPACE BAR to make Jigsaw Jump .You'll get bonus points for getting a clear round,but if you knock or miss a fence you'll have points deducted from you score.If your score is high enough,you'll qualify for the next level where Jigsaw will gallop even faster to the fences.There are 9 levels to play - see if you can clear them all.Play Jigsaw Jump Off and enjoy .

Played: 41,925
Rating: 4.40 [Rate]
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magestic beauty (10 January 2015):
The second ribbon I won on this GAME was like a disgusting brown.
ponygirl9 (25 April 2013):
<3 friesians, dutch warmblood, welsh ponys!!!!!!!!!!
wolfrainer44 (19 January 2013):
Its Alright But Not My Type  Hmm...  Clap hands  Sad
ponygirl9 (9 January 2013):
lol fun gam!!!! Happy  Happy  Happy  Cool    
idk whaT Leval i got 2. Happy  Wave  Wave  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands

COOL BEANS. Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool

BAIIIII!!! Clap hands  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave
magestic beauty (26 October 2012):
Cool game! Wave It's fun, but I wish you could chose your own horse like an Appaloosa Happy My real horse is an Appaloosa.  Happy
PonyLoveCoCo (9 September 2009):
arabian horses rock - I do like arabians but there the same level as other horses ok and I am being nice don't make me get mean and theres no such thing as the best horse breed there all great oooookkkkk!!!!!
Flamin Squirt123 (14 August 2009):
I finally got to level 6 and I didn't even know it. I actually got to level 7 but I didn't pass.
Flamin Squirt123 (16 June 2009):
When I did this game the first time I got stopped on level 4 and my final score was 894. I like this game
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