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Title: Body Parts

Description: What do you know about horses? Maybe you have tried some of the equestrian sports? There are many of them, and they are very popular! Maybe you own one, or you want to have? Oh, who doesn`t? They are probably the most elegant and gorgeous animals on earth! I guess you agree with me! So if you know the human anatomy, which is so normal, because you are a human being, than if you love horses you should know their anatomy as well! Also their ways of walk, the sound they make and things like that!

The horse is one of the two subspecies of Equus ferus, or the wild horse. It is a mammal that belongs to the family of Equidae. There is a large and very specialized terminology used to describe horse characteristics starting from anatomy to life stages, colors, size, markings, breeds, behavior and locomotion. Well, as you know horse`s anatomy allows them to be very fast and be able to escape predators and also they have an excellent sense of balance and a strong instinct. Their life span is in average between 25 and 30 years!

Game Walkthrough: And if you think that you know something about horses, and you just want to test your knowledge, you can try this game! And if you know nothing at all about horses, don`t worry! Here is a chance for you to learn something new! These kinds of games are an excellent way of learning and getting some new information! So who knows, maybe one day you will become an expert of horses! And maybe you already are? So let`s see! You will see a picture of a gorgeous brownish horse, with a gorgeous white crest and a white tail. At the left side of the game screen the body parts of the horse are written. At the bottom of the game screen the famous horse walks like gallop, trot and walk are shown....And also the sounds it makes like nicker, whinny whinny/snort! So let`s see how good you know the horse anatomy and the other things about horses!

Game Instructions: It`s so easy to play! Just click with your left mouse button, and that`s it! It is simple as that! So c`mon play this game and enjoy!

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Rating: 3.38 [Rate]
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ChristmasGirlForever (27 April 2011):
eh i got 10 out of twelve right after playing twice first time... i got three right
catori18 (19 April 2011):
it was easy but not REALLY fun i've had a horse for 5 years, i know almost ALL the bosy parts!
sapphireisastandardbred (6 March 2011):
they should show a horse galloping,trotting,walking,nickering,and winnying
kiwi1234 (2 July 2010):
i got almost all of the right but i missed a few and that's ok because i will learn o my make up class on Monday July 5th at Silver Buckle. oh and uh MyHOrSeRoCKsHappy maby because you are putting the name in the wrong place. Wink  Happy
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