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Title: Bratz Little Pony

Description: Every Pony need a styling makeover just before the big show and you are the stylist.

Played: 27,615
Rating: 3.54 [Rate]
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roseismygirl (7 April 2013):
yayayayayay my cousin just had a baby!! Happy  Happy
littlebug72727 (22 June 2012):
My friend's mom had a baby 1:00 AM!!!!
tiarni (8 June 2012):
this game is like horse power and it's so cool Wave  Wink  Cool
horselover3 (28 April 2012):
i love it horse power Clap hands  Cool
honeypony16 (23 August 2010):
I've never liked bratz but this is a good game. (mainly because it's about ponies!!)
pony655 (20 August 2010):
Beutiful horses if you wanna play this again go to and type in ponyz
jonz2 (11 March 2010):
i love this game and people shoul5d not talk so bad about other people Wave
western4lyf (5 November 2009):
I wish you could like, make them them look like  goth ponies! That would be like, awesome, and like, have GOOD music like "bullet for my valentine" or something! \m/ \m/
CrazyHorseGue (26 October 2009):
You need to put it less girly! And how come it has to brats? Why can't it be just regular little ponies
western4lyf (19 October 2009):
this music that starts the game is pretty cool but the rest isnt (im a metal head)
mckennakeyes (17 August 2009):
i love this game and guys at least its better than barbie dress up
Sevai (3 April 2009):
xD It was an ok game. Probably one of the more entertaining dress up games out there.
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