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Title: Courageous Ride

Description: You canít ride a horse the first time you sit on it. Thatís a skill you must master with time. Actually you can have a natural talent but nevertheless you need to learn how to ride this animal. If you get on a horse without any training there is a big chance you will hurt yourself and we are not talking about a small bruise. We are talking about bigger accidents.

So if you want to ride a horse go to a stable. The trainer will give you a specific horse and from that point you will start to bond with the animal. Then you will become pals and the horse will learn to trust you and you will learn to deal with him or her. Then you can ride it without a worry on your mind. Than together you can break records and be the best team there is on the horse tracks!

Game Walkthrough:This is a game where you ride a horse on a track and you need to jump over obstacles. There are things all over the track that you need to collect and win some points. Also with every successfully jumped obstacle you will get an additional 750 points but if you donít go over it than that will cost you your horse and remember that you have only five of them. Also you need to know that the character you are controlling in this game is a girl named Peny and her goal is to get to Ben as soon as possible and along the way of course win some points. Can you help her do that?

Game Instructions:A full functioning computer mouse and keyboard is all you need to have to play this game. By dragging the mouse to the right or to the left you make the horse run slower or faster. When you hit the space bar you will make the horse jump. Good timing is everything in here. If you donít do the right things in the right time than you will lose. So get on the horse and start the running and jumping mission!

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ponygirl9 (12 January 2013):
horseygirl1878 im having the same problem. i just went 2 the very top of the screen and it helped abit!!!! Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool
Horseluver101 (6 December 2010):
It was really annoying at first, i couldnt jump the gates. but i found it addicting, and now i like it. Clap hands
Horseygirl1878 (5 December 2010):
I can never jump over the stone walls! The horse keeps hitting it! and i'm giving it enought time to jump!!!>:C
Flamin Squirt123 (21 August 2009):
There is also a movie. It is sad, but it's good. It is called Felicity. I recommend it.
noodles (11 May 2009):
I love noodles yum i live in japan in a riding center I translate everything to the japanese puipuls my horse is a thourobred it jumps really well sorry if my english isnt the best one of my sisters has got a grey barbarian pony wicht I taught my other sister has an arabian brown horse I also teach the shires cos there at and i can ride them bare back Happy
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