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Title: The Brave Hussar

Description: Game Walkthrough: We are back into the 15th century, in one cavalier world when being brave was the main and most worth virtue a man could own. We are in the world of the hussars - light cavalry forces from Hungary (with Serbian origin), known by their valor and their style of fighting which was similar to the noble knights. They were armed with spears and pentagonal wood shields padded with metal and supported the noble knights as their second line on the battlefield. Hussars attack fast and ferociously, in order to cause mass havoc into opponent’s units. In their fight they were more like support cavalry what means that when it seemed that the foot soldiers were losing the battle, they would charge into the opponent's flank, to cause them disorder. They would do again this charge from different angles, while the infantry kept the enemy from chasing them. With one word, they were very courage solders on horses. The Brave Hussar takes you on a walk in this time, to meet these hussars. In the center of the game we have a Hussar who needs to cause more damage to the army of the Dragon Riders – the Orcish army. The dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the Orcish kingdom are trying to do everything to beat him. They are whole army, and he is one hussar, so welcome and help him. Game instructions: you play this game with the keyboard. X or Ctrl are used for attack, with Z and Space you can jump, while the arrow keys use for moving in space. Ride the horse fast but be careful of the rocks that the dragon Riders throw at you, avoid their arrows, the spikes and the stones. You can get bonus if you attack the enemies, and you fill your horse’s energy by collecting fruits on your way. Now show the Orcish army how a hussar fights! Have fun.

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chlobug59 (19 December 2010):
i am sorry horsenuts i didn't mean to fight i was mad that i was supposed 2 get a horse 4 christmas and my mom and dad r getting a divorce. and anyway my mom told me that i was getting it next summer. she is going to get 4 500  dollars that is pretty cheap its beige, wat is that color anyway Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm... any way horsenuts i am very sorry i was in a bad mood, so i hope we can be freinds u 2 pony, caan we add freinds?  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
chlobug59 (13 December 2010):
i forgive u pony and very sorry horse nuts  i get mad very easily lets hope he never fight again.
HORSENUTS (12 December 2010):
I've heard of it before, but I don't listen to that type of music :p
PONY (7 December 2010):
who knows the song vanilla twilight?
PONY (7 December 2010):
sorry chloubug59
HORSENUTS (25 November 2010):
I'm a girl.
ilovemyhorsemaddie (24 November 2010):
hey everyone let all get along !!!!!!!! coz we all (hopefully) have the same thing in common!!!! we all (hopefully) luv horses lol
PONY (23 November 2010):
tnx....its ok just ask HORSENUTS
chlobug59 (22 November 2010):
pony i am sorry i have been fighting i don't want 2 fight anymore and pony that looked like pretty good german
PONY (22 November 2010):
that was german
PONY (22 November 2010):
chlobug59.........du ferficktest  stuek sheisse!!!!!!!!!!!!! fick digh du ascloch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ich hasse dich HORSENUTS  ist cooler als dir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! du  affenaschloch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chlobug59 (21 November 2010):
i wish horse nuts u would be band from this site i don't think u even play any of the games u just harras people 2 get band how many people are being harrased because of horsenuts ,say aye
chlobug59 (21 November 2010):
i am talking rite now and horse nuts started this stupid fight and some people need 2 stay out of this fight no offense jesserocks1000and pony the reason is horsenuts is fighting everybody i look at most comments and horsenuts is on the comments so if u want to fight bring it on horsenuts BRING IT ON i dare u, u f******, b****
PONY (20 November 2010):
chlobug i'll give u a penny !!!!!!!!!! and u can go buy a life with it!!!!!!!!!!!!
HORSENUTS (15 November 2010):
To be honest, I don't know LOL. That was like a month ago so I doubt she'll comment again.
jesserocks1000 (13 November 2010):
why are you and HORSENUTS fightning chlobug59? Sad
HORSENUTS (20 October 2010):
Wtf are you talking about O.o
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