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Title: Hidden Gemstone: Horses

Description: We can call them gemstones or just gems and either way they are beautiful and we canít deny that. These mesmerizing materials are usually used for making different types of jewelry and they sure cost much.

For example, you must know that the diamond is also a gemstone and itís one of the most expensive things in the world. Not anyone can own it, itís a material reserved for the high classes, for the elite. Believe us, if you have only one diamond then you will solve a lot of your financial problems like pay bills, rent Ö

Game Walkthrough:If you find the gemstones in this free online game then you can take them. But of course first you have to locate them in the most peculiar places Ė pictures with horses. Maybe in the real world there is no chances to find gemstones in places like these, but here there are spread all over the place. There are even placed on positions that in the real life are impossible like in the sky, air, trees Ö But our goal is not to make sense but make things as difficult for you as it is possible. Remember Ė we are not your enemies but in every game there must be a winner and a looser. Naturally we want to be on the number one spot. So can you beat us? br>
Game Instructions:Put your hand on the computer mouse and you are ready to go. Click on the gemstone when you see it and it will disappear. On every picture you need to find seven gemstones and then you can move to the next one. Your task is to find a total of 56 gemstones. So have fun!

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sweety (21 December 2010):
this game re minds me of my horses but i cant see them eny moreif i whanted to i whold have to go up to heven i miss them so much :-(
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