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Title: Dream Horse

Description: The countryside is probably the best place to spend the hot summer days! Don`t you think? There are so many beautiful things, the nature is gorgeous, the animals are moving around, oh, it`s such a joy! Imagine yourself in some peaceful and quiet farm house, far away from the city dust and smoke, where a lot of horses there running in the courtyard! You must admit that horses are one of the most beautiful animals on earth! Yes they are so elegant and gracious, and also very powerful and fast!

Game Walkthrough: So, if you love horses, you are going to love this game! Your task will be to brush and dress this gorgeous brown horse in the stable! To make him even more beautiful than he is! There is a horse show happening in the village, and all the farmers are going to show their horses! The price for the best horse in the whole village is 5 000 $! Oh, just imagine what you can buy with this amount of money! Although it is not just about the money, but the satisfaction and joy you get! Yeah! You and your horse deserve that! So you should brush him first to be clean and then dress him up! There are a lot of things to be put on the horse, but try to choose the best ones! Yes you know, full horse equipment like: saddles and all the accessories that goes with it! Halters, bridles, rains, bits, ah...many, many items! So if you are not familiar with this stuff, here is a chance for you to learn something new!

Game Instructions: Well, all you need to dress up this beautiful, dream horse is your mouse! Yes, you should just click on the left mouse button on the items you want to select, and drag them to the right spot! Oh, and when you brush the horse, try holding the left mouse key and pass through all his body surface until you remove all the dirt! Enjoy!

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Rating: 2.93 [Rate]
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kw_horse_girl_101 (27 November 2016):
this is a really cool and fun game and the horse really reminds me of my own horses cola and satter because they both had a brown coat color.Happy
Horsestar66 (1 June 2014):
say love 5 times, then post this on to other games
oldyeller (29 May 2013):
i ride named logan he is  pony
oldyeller (29 May 2013):
love this game
magestic beauty (31 August 2012):
I wish you could like change the horse's coat color. I have a real horse he is an Appaloosa gelding and his name is Logan. I love him like crazy. He lives on my Aunts horse farmand she has Appaloosas too. Happy
horse_girl (10 March 2012):
It looks like my old horse Charger (Who died of colic) But now I got A new horse she's all black and is a thoroughbred and Her name is midnight (find out more on dress up!!) Happy
sarah20 (28 November 2011):
wow!!! at first the horse looked like my bff's horse......... she is terrible she bucks her off, has mud in her hair, and her hooves are out off line and no horseshoes!!!!!!! i wish she was mine so i could have her and take care of ruby!!!!! ( thats the horse) Happy  Happy
horserider1107 (21 May 2011):
why cant we ride the horse after we tack it up?? that's just not a good game...... i only play games where you can brush it and tack it up then ride the horse. this game is not my fav on this website.... Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
10ponies (13 August 2010):
at the start of the game when your horse is walking in the field look at the horses legs its all glitichi and unreal if u know wat i meen Cool
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