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Title: French Horse Designer

Description: Design your ideal French horse, using the options from the menu. Choose your favorite color for your new horse, choose the colors of his eyes and lots more. Have fun playing the French Horse Designer, and enjoy!

Played: 34,867
Rating: 3.22 [Rate]
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ponygirl9 (25 April 2013):
mad my dark bay mare holy<3
(chlobug i dont mean to b rude buyt theres no such thing as a "baige horse". but congrats on getting a horse! wish u luck!) btw. hope every1 is okay. lets hope no one (peope or horses) were hurt! Wink
hiedio (7 December 2012):
<3 horses Happy
ccggdd (5 November 2012):
i truly love horses !!!!!!!!!!! Happy  Cool  Happy
littlebug72727 (22 June 2012):
(Coco is my horse Wink
littlebug72727 (22 June 2012):
English please!!!! Sad I am worried about Coco because of the really hot weather here in the LC valley and 0 hurricanes or twisters! Happy But hot weather!?!?!?! Sad
horselover3 (29 April 2012):
one day we had the closeet tornado ever one landed in like dickson i think i don't no it was some were by that i was so scared and 1 was in boinoqu and that is were my friend's barn was i was also scared then Sad
horselover3 (28 April 2012):
for some ressan mine is in french Hmm... if yours is too tell me Hmm...
ninnynermalnala (10 March 2011):
it blocked out my word!?!?!?! all i said was...just so it wont block it out ill put dashes in bweteen the letters!!!
s-u-c-k-s!!!!! thats all i said!!!!! now i sad cause they blocked it out Sad
chlobug59 (3 January 2011):
i am getting a horse next summer i picked it out it is beige and its seven yrs old and does any body know how old that is in horse yrs Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
PONY MAD (1 January 2011):
ita kinda cool i made mine skewbald like my pony ella but sometimes i make it blue roan or black!its the same as horse macker but you cant chose the size
sparklinglava (29 October 2010):
Sad all the bad weather...tornano warnings... i ride at a ranch and i am scared about those horses.
madi2367 (27 October 2010):
where r the tornado warnings i dont really pay attention to the weather
cochese2010 (27 October 2010):
do you have a horse?if you lived in charlotte you broubly would be scared and sad to
cochese2010 (27 October 2010):
why did you ask if i had a attic? but i am still scared about my horse!!!!! type back to me thanks for being nice to me it really helps!! Sad  Happy
cochese2010 (27 October 2010):
MY favorit horse is named Cochese he is AWSOME! HE is mine. but i am very worried about him because there is hurrican and torando WARNINGS on tv iam scared Sad
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