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Title: Horse Jumping 2

Description: Horse jumping is one of the most interesting and most challenging equestrian disciplines. It asks for a good connection between the horse and his rider and this happens after hours and hours of practice. Believe it or not, the world record in jumping over the highest obstacle was set in 1949 and itís not passed yet. Some rider from Chile and his horse named Huaso succeeded to jump together a fence measuring 2.47 meters high. Besides the great high, horses are also capable of jumping obstacles of great width. The world record in this discipline is from 1975 when a horse named "Something" jumped a distance of 8.40 meters together with his partner. Amazing isn't Game Walkthrough: And if you are prepared to set you own records in this game, letís start! You are the rider of this game and all you should do is to conquer all the obstacles. That is easy but not so easy because everyone needs a disciplined practice in order to become a good rider and jumper. You have a beautiful brown horse, take a good care of him and he will give you back with great scores! Jump various obstacles but donít forget to enjoy the surroundings because this game occurs in beautiful nature. Game instruction: For this game you need to use the left and right arrow keys for moving the horse, up and down for increasing and decreasing the speed, while the space bar is for jumping. There is a jump rectangle, wait for it to become filled and a white horse to appear, release the space bar and you jump. If you like to make a big jump, wait for a red horse. Now letís jump for joy!

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barrelracinghome (19 April 2016):
This game glitches and there is nothing really to do on it.  Sad
magestic beauty (13 December 2015):
Thankyou STALLIONLOVERZ. atleast someone finally stook up for me and tried to help me. Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy
Violett101 (7 November 2015):
woooooo Happy  Clap hands  Wave
Violett101 (7 November 2015):
I am ready Cool  Happy
Violett101 (7 November 2015):
Just about to play the game Sad  Sad  Hmm...
STALLIONLOVERZ (22 October 2015):
Hi I have joined recentley and sassysilver18 I dont know who you are and dont believe you and i believe magestic beauty. I love Appoloosas and I truly believe you have one. Please...dont be a troll.
Horsestar66 (1 June 2014):
say love 5 times, post this on 2 other games then look on your bed
magestic beauty (26 July 2013):
I do hope you all know that WMAR stands for Western Michigan Appaloosa Regionals.
raivyn (14 April 2013):
when i move the horse it goes the wrong way  then it`s says you must be more careful then when i try again it does the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sad Sad Sad
skyler39 (7 April 2013):
jhjykirojdhyo;srky9trn bcv hehbnegyidrn gjkhetuiojhyu9trhjy45 Cool
EquestrianGirl94 (5 December 2012):
Love it! :D Clap hands
ponygirl9 (18 October 2012):
WHO ELSE LOVES ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!%uD83D%uDE33%uD83D%uDE33%uD83D%uDE33%uD83D%uDE1C%uD83D%uDE1C%uD83D%uDE1C%uD83D%uDE1Cthey are AmaZAYN Cool  Cool
fuflying (13 October 2012):
nice  Clap hands
i like it
magestic beauty (27 August 2012):
I really like this game. (Even though I have played better.)
sassysilver18 (13 August 2012):
no one cares, no one here beleves that your horse is real
magestic beauty (13 August 2012):
Oh wait. Did i Say stallin? I ment gelding. My horse is a gelding. Woops.
horselover34580 (13 August 2012):
some people love horses and want one but you can go somewere close to just ride one its cool
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