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Title: Hurdle Race

Description: Think fast and donít hit any of the obstacles! In this game you need to have a fast mind and a fast finger to avoid hay bales, puddles, and rocks. Use the up arrow key to time your jumps perfectly, and use the space bar to collect fruit along the way for extra life points. Are you ready? Let's play!!!!

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Rating: 4.00 [Rate]
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magestic beauty (26 July 2013):
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0_o
magestic beauty (14 October 2012):
I LOVE this game. Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Clap hands  Clap hands  Wave
xChestnutCrazyx (26 September 2012):
regardless of what people say, i find this fun when i turn it into a jumping contest between the riders and horses Happy
Neusa (16 August 2012):
The kinda need some sound
wolvesxponies (23 June 2012):
I am best on the brown horse. ^^
Horselover5548 (22 September 2011):
you know the wight horse  I have a horse that just looks like it!!!
Show Horse (22 August 2011):
I found this game alittle but unintresting but thats my verdict . It's in french so it's good for some and not for others . The horse dosn't jump at the same time I press the button and I lost intrest fast .
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