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Title: Atomic Badger Racing

Description: Badgers are very cute and small animals, which usually live in the woods. They are short-legged and the color of their fur is black with white line on the middle. There are nine different species of the badger, but they all have the same characteristics – short legs, fat bodies, small east and long heads.

Game walkthrough: You are going to play an interesting and unusual game. The odd thing about it is that it is kind of a horse race, or even a dog race, but it actually is a badger race. Have you ever heard of a race which includes badgers? Well, in any case, I haven’t, and I find this very unusual. But it is a game, and everything goes here, so why not this also!? Now, what you need to do is pick a badger, out of the several that are racing, and bet on it. You will be given a certain amount of money at the beginning, and you can use that to bet. After the race is over and if you win, your sum will be doubled, however, if you lose, you will need to pay the amount you bet. Also, you can use the nitro boost to make your badger go faster, as well as drop bombs on the other ones.

Game instructions: There are only a few instructions you need to know about this game. The first one is, you need to use your mouse and left mouse button to pick the badger you are betting on, as well as to drop bombs on the other competitors in order to slow them down. Another instruction that is vital for you is the nitro, and you can use it by pressing the space bar. On the bottom of your screen you can see the amount of bombs and nitro you have, so use them wisely. Now go on and pick the badger with your lucky number and make him win you a lot of money!

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nielsenl3005 (22 October 2011):
number 1 never wins it only wins if u use like 10 bombs and u only need 2 use 1 or 2 when ur number 2 so there and u dont need to reply u can reply in a private message and ur just say that to make me jealous but its not working so haha
PonyHenry (3 October 2011):
I was 1st in both the games I played. O and nielsenl3005 number 2 isnt the luckiest because i was number 1. so there you go!!!!
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