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Title: Magic Horse Jigsaw

Description: Jigsaw puzzles typically come in 300-piece, 500-piece, 750-piece, and 1,000-piece sizes; however the largest commercial puzzle has 32,256 pieces and spans 544 cm by 192 cm.[ The most common layout for a thousand-piece puzzle is 38 pieces by 27 pieces, for a total count of 1,026 pieces. The majority of 500-piece puzzles are 27 pieces by 19 pieces. Children's jigsaw puzzles come in a great variety of sizes, rated by the number of pieces. A few puzzles are made double-sided, so that they can be solved from either side. This adds a level of complexity, because it cannot be certain that the correct side of the piece is being viewed and assembled with the other pieces.There are also Family Puzzles, which come in 400-piece with three different sized pieces from large to small. The pieces are placed from large to small going in one direction or towards the middle of the puzzle.This allows a family or puzzlers of different skill levels and different size hands to work on the puzzle at the same time.

Game walkthrough: This puzzle is a bit easier than the ones mentioned above because they do not have that many pieces. However, this doesn’t mean that you can solve them very easily. You will still have to focus and concentrate if you want to see the final result – a beautiful picture of a horse. For me, and I think that this works for most people, the easiest approach to building the puzzle is to start by separating the edges from the inside pieces and connect them first. Once they are connected, it is much easier to move inward. When every piece of the puzzle is in its corresponding place, it is only then when you get to see the whole picture. Time is also important, so you should try and be as quick as you can in order to get higher sore.

Game instructions: I think that we all know how this puzzle system works, but here are some instructions anyways. You will need your mouse and only your mouse for this one. To move the pieces around, you will need to scroll the mouse cursor to the one you wish to move and then click on it and drag it to the desired position. Once two pieces are in the right place, they will connect, and later you can move both pieces at the same time. The time is shown on the bottom of your screen, and if you are not satisfied with how you are doing, you can always click on the reset button on the bottom right screen and start over. Now, it is said that doing puzzles is one way of keeping your brain in an active state, so I think it is about time to activate it!

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horselover3 (29 April 2012):
i am the 2nd for to day and the same for the week Clap hands  Wave  Cool  Happy
littlepie626 (28 October 2011):
i love puzzles Happy
Andalusian.Lover (19 June 2011):
ok now im 1st for day, week, and month  Happy yeow!
Andalusian.Lover (19 June 2011):
2nd highest for the day and week, 3rd highest for the month
madi2367 (15 June 2011):
High score for the day and week!!!!!!!! WooHoo Happy  Clap hands  Cool  Wave
Breyerluver1 (15 April 2011):
i got high score for the day Happy
Breyerluver1 (15 April 2011):
i love all horsses Happy
swiftkill101 (10 April 2011):
third comment! That's my horse!!!!!!!!!!  Go StarLight!!!!!
wolfluver (9 April 2011):
I am looking for a friend! Just joined. Sad
loopydog (9 April 2011):
first commet HappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappyHappy
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