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Title: Horse Racing Puzzle

Description: I guess you love horses! Well, I think that everybody likes them! They are probably the most beautiful and elegant animals on Earth! Yeah, they look so strong and yet so gracious! Exactly this mix of stamina and appearance makes them the symbol of strength and grace! They were used in battles since ancient times, of course now with the development of technology and war industry they are changed with some other war vehicles! Horses are also found as a heraldic symbol! There are also many sports where the horses take place, as for example horse racing, and polo, rodeo and some others! Well, if you are one of those horse fans, and if you love puzzle games, here is a perfect game for you!

Game Walkthrough: So come on, my dear friend! Here is a game you are going to love! Your task is to solve this jigsaw puzzle and enjoy in results of your work. Horse Racing Puzzle Game is for all people who are fascinated by horses and their beauty. But you also have to love games where a little thinking is required, and the pleasure will be complete. So, you should activate your brain cells for a while and start playing! Maybe you won`t know from where to start, so here is a tip for you…start with the pieces that make the edge of the picture! You will recognize easily, they have one flat side. You should choose a piece from the jigsaw puzzle and then by holding it you need to replace it to the right place. Maybe it will be a little bit difficult to solve the whole puzzle for a short time, but as soon as you start and find 2-3 matching pieces, then the game will be easier! So when two matching pieces will get in touch, they automatically stick together and you can`t move them after that. All you have to do is to repeat this action, until you turn these pieces into a single picture!

Game Instructions: Well, my friend, to play this game all you need is to take your mouse in your hand and to move the pieces around until you put them on the right place! So click on the left mouse button and then drag the piece to the matching one to complete the whole picture! Yeah, it`s all just click and drag! So come on! Spend some nice time solving this horse racing puzzle! You are gonna love it!!!

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madi2367 (29 April 2011):
This game stinks Sad. Hey if any of you have a account, please look for me. My username is gatorgal01. congratgulate me Happy
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