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Title: Horse And Girl Dress Up

Description: Pick the Girl and The Horse you want to dress... Very Interesting and Fun Game

Played: 29,441
Rating: 4.33 [Rate]
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horselover3 (28 April 2012):
i like sky breeze and chica Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands
horse_girl (9 February 2012):
When I ride I don't ride with a skirt on and flip flops and who would wear a western bridle with a english saddle >Sad
sarah20 (27 November 2011):
i am sky breeze i look like her and tango looks like my bro's horse skateboard!!!!!!!!! Happy  Happy  Happy  Wave  Cool  Cool
Horselover5548 (23 September 2011):
here is what I put for the riders and thehorses Sky Brezze on Angle,Laling on chica, Kellie onTango and the black lady on the brown horse
Merliah (6 May 2010):
but i do love the light green and light purple halters. they are so pretty
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