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Title: Horse Barrel Racing

Description: When you read the name of this game, we assume that the first words that popped in your head are barrel racing. So at the beginning we need to explain Ė this is a rodeo event in which a horse and a rider attempt to complete a given pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time. It combines the horse's athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of the rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver a horse through. The timer begins to tick when the horse crosses the start line and ends when the barrel pattern has been successfully executed and the rider and the horse cross the finish line.

†So if you canít experience this in real life (and majority of people canít) and you want to, then press START!

Game Walkthrough:You are put in the position of a rider during a rodeo event. So you have to control the animal and go through the pattern. Your horse is a peaceful one so you donít need to bother with calming him down but on the other hand it might be kind of difficult to move him through the place. We strongly advice you not to expect the best scores at the beginning because you should first get into the game, exercise and then expect the best. Horse Barrel Racing is not an easy game but with enough persistency and patience you can master it down.†††††† br>
Game Instructions:With the arrow keys on the keyboard, you can control the horse. With the arrow key up, you can accelerate, with the key down, you can move backwards and with the key left and the key right, you can turn the horse in different direction. So, begin rodeo rider!††

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Rating: 3.50 [Rate]
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barrelracinghome (19 April 2016):
Good for you and if your done being a kid and can act like an adult now, I'd like you not to brag about everything God has blessed you with.
barrelracinghome (19 April 2016):
@Andalusian.lover , newsflash: we didn't ask for your opinion either but you gave it anyways. Thoroughbreds are good horses (they ca be if YOU train them right) and just because your "friend's" horse was bad, doesn't mean all thoroughbreds are. Next time you go to "correct" someone, make sure someone doesn't need to correct you afterwards!
roseismygirl (6 February 2013):
yeah, you fake!!!!! Hmm...  Hmm...
barrelracingbabe (8 September 2012):
love this game!!! barrel racing means everything to me!! Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
barrelracingbabe (25 July 2012):
it's so hard to belive you sorry!!! Sad  Sad
Lindsey Sears10 (21 July 2012):
Hey kids!!! Im Lindsey Sears, and my daughter Sarah is right im her mother. if you believe us say like and put a smiley face by it, if you don't say hate and put a sad face beside it bye! Wave  Wave
sarah20 (21 July 2012):
my mom got a profile on this game to prove!!!!! Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wink
sarah20 (21 July 2012):
I have 30 horses on my ranch. my favorites is, a bay named rose, a sorrel named Martha, a buckskin named lightning , a palomino named sunrise, and a black horse named lucks cash jet Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  my mom is Lindsey Sears!!! Happy  Happy  Happy  please belive me. put a smiley face if you belive me and a sad face if you don't. thanks!!! Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Wink  Wink  Cool  Cool  Cool  Clap hands
sarah20 (21 July 2012):
pony love coco #1 barrel racing is better than polebending, and #2 you spelled barrel racing WRONG Sad  Sad
mattie g (12 July 2012):
i love this it is awseome Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
horses101sweet (21 June 2012):
I DO BARREL RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy  Happy
horses101sweet (21 June 2012):
im sad my stupid computer wont let me  Sad  Sad  Sad
ropersrock (6 October 2011):
i own 30 QH horses my fav is Rocket!
ropersrock (6 October 2011):
i do break away roping, barrel racing, poles, and key hole i do all of them in full blast.
ropersrock (6 October 2011):
if you guys own your own horse and run full blast on barrels, you dudes know how to play this game. Cool  Cool  Cool  Happy
Andalusian.Lover (18 June 2011):
i have 3 standarbreds, 1 arab, 1 quarter horse and now im gonna get an andalusian coz i hav wanted 1 since i was a little kid Happy
Andalusian.Lover (18 June 2011):
@dremar5433 I'm western4lyf and i have to disagree about thoroughbreds, they **** (no offense to anyone who likes them) but all the thoroughbred me or one of my friends has owned has been terrible and i really dont care if u think thoroughbreds r the best in ur mind and i didnt ask ur opinion on what u can do with a welsh (and by the way ur rong wen u say they're tiny because depending on the the grade they can reach ova 15hh) and hate to break it to u but although thoroughbreds are fast they're not that fast. A standardbred can pace as fast as a thoroughbred can gallop so piss off, every1 in entitled 2 their own opinion!
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