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Title: Horses Find The Differences

Description: Who doesnít love and admire those beautiful and gracious animals called horses, especially when you see them running on some mountain, careless and free. It makes you want to be like them, because they make life seem so simple and beautiful at the same time. Since this game is all about horses, I would like to share with you some interesting facts about these amazing animals: Dogs and cats drink by lapping water with their tongues while cattle and horses make use of a sucking action; A baby female is called a filly, a baby boy is called a colt, a baby boy or girl is also known as a foal; When first born, foals cannot eat grass because their legs are too long to reach the ground; As well as using them for fly swatting, horses use their tails to send signals to each other about how they are feeling. I think that youíve got about enough info about horses, for now, now letís go to see what this game is all about.

Game walkthrough: If you are a horse lover, you are definitely going to love this game. While playing and having fun, you will have the opportunity to see amazing photos of real horses, taken in beautiful surroundings. And even if you are not a horse lover, I am sure that after seeing how beautiful they are, you will become one. And, about the game, your task will be to find several differences on the two, almost identical pictures, given. Look very carefully, as the differences are not very subtle. For every difference found, you will get points, but be careful, for every wrong move, points will be taken from your score; so click only when you are 100% sure of the difference. Also, if you find the differences very quickly, you get a time bonus. And, should you get stuck and simply cannot find the one last difference; there is always the hint icon to help you.

Game instructions: To play this game, you will need a mouse and a hand. Use your hand to move the mouse and use the mouse to click on the screen. Once you spot a difference on either of the two pictures given, scroll your mouse cursor to it and then click on it with the left mouse button. On the bottom of your screen you will notice aboard, and on it you can keep track of your score, the differences youíve got left, and also there is the hint button which you can click if you get stuck. There is no time limit in this game, as you will notice, but however, try to be as quick as you can in finding the differences and you will get the time bonus.

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littlebug72727 (26 November 2011):
I am watching Power Rangers Samari and two red rangers from two different worlds were fighting!
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