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Title: Go Farm 3

Description: Have you ever imagined of becoming a farmer? To breathe deeply the fresh, unpolluted air, surrounded with all those domestic animals, to feed them, and to grow a lot of different organic plants! Oh, to feel such a joy! To experience the natural beauty of the countryside! Did you know that a great number of people these days are interested in organic food? Because all the other products which we buy on the market are so mush treated with chemicals. That`s is why so many people get seriously ill. So, if someone wants to be healthy and full of energy, should know that eating, pure, untreated, organic food is the best way, yes...the best way to achieve that. So, my friend, also the only way to know that the food you eat is really organic, is to plant it and grow it by yourself! Well, this way you can enable your family and close friends to eat healthy food too! But, remember, you can even sell this organic food to other people and earn some money!

Game Walkthrough: If you want to see how it looks like to be a farmer, this game gives you the chance to experience that! At the left side there is a list of products that you can buy from the shop. You can buy a chicken, a piggy, carrots, tree, and many other things. So, think wise, and buy what you think is the easiest to grow! But, remember, you only have 10 $ at the beginning! After that you can make some money and bye other things! You should also secure your farm, by putting adequate objects like because the carrots for example can be eaten by the rabbits! So once you buy something, your farm will be active!

Game Instructions: You can pick the objects with your mouse! There are also notes that will guide you through the game! That`s it! It is simple! So don`t waste your time! Start working on your farm!

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pintohorses65 (19 October 2011):
the money guy is awesome to get him,all you have to do is in the password box type:pasgihdsfs you keep getting more and more money!
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