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Title: Fashion Expert

Description: Marilyn has one of the best and most interesting jobs in the world. She works for one big fashion company and her job is to study the local fashion market, to see what is most popular, so she travels all the time. She visits different places in the world and studies their fashion. Marilyn is an assistant and she likes to get promoted to creative director so she must highlight her talents and be better than her colleagues from the department.

Marilyn would love to work with you to get her promotion. You will help her select great clothes so she could compete with her colleagues. There are 5 different categories – dresses, shoes, accessories, hair, and makeup so you should make the best selection. For the beginning you have 2500 dollars and you should pick out something in every category. For item that costs 400 dollars you get fashion point 1, while for one that costs 1300 dollars, the fashion point is 10. Try to win the competition in most of the categories so you could earn money for the next levels. This journey starts with Singapore, than Las Vegas… Do your best to help Marilyn get the job of her dreams.

Game instructions: Besides your creativity and your eye for catching what is good and what will be accepted from people, you have to have your mouse in your hand to play this game. There is one nice lady that explains you what to do in every level, so you use only the left button of your mouse to pick out the option that you prefer or pick the style that you like. If you show successful in this game you could think of being engaged with similar type of a job in real life, what would be amazing thing to do. We wish you a great success! Have fun.

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roseismygirl (2 April 2013):
sarah20 YOUR WIERD and i love the names KATBEAN!!! and i bet your really cool! Happy  Happy  Happy  Wink  Wave
roseismygirl (1 April 2013):
i hate the girls!!! there like, well your gona lose ( when i win.) HEY!!! I WON I THOUGHT I WAS GONA LOSE. Wave  Wave
roseismygirl (1 April 2013):
I OWN A FLEABITTEN GREY MARE NAMED SUGARBABY and i love your horses everybody Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Wave  Wave
rubyneve (24 February 2012):
yeah i do a liver chestnut thoroughbred mare called ruby ane we have 13 more horses wat displine do u do BigBadWolf i do english  & showjumping
BigBadWolf (12 February 2012): u people own any horses?? I do there's Parcheesi (Cheese) she's a chestnut thoroughbred/belgian mare, Mouse, he's anything but mousie he's a bay russian heavy draft Gelding, Mariah my gorg bay tennessee wlker. LUV ALL HORSESHappyHappyHappy<3
BigBadWolf (12 February 2012):
dudes...first @sarah20, I seriousely think you need to be reported...hello bitch much. and i agree w/@horseloverintheworld. @katbean123 is a cute, creative name. sooooo i think i made my point. SHUT UP
sarah20 (21 January 2012):
KATBEAN........ gayest names ever!!!! oh and your gay to.... 1 more thing they want to kick you and trmple you to death ha ha ha!!!!! Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Happy  Happy
katbean123 (2 January 2012):
i have 3 horses a palimeno morgan named Tanner,a flea bitten gray arabian named Fonzie,and a black standerbred named Jiggs
XxLexy,Bexy1121Xx (24 September 2011):
well this isn't my best thing in the world but i do luv it in the middle and i do like this game it is a bummer to pay but :/
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