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Title: Horse Race

Description: Hallo all you horse lovers! Horses are definitely one of the most beautiful animals in the world. No matter how their color is, black, white, brown, red...they are so captivating and so elegant, that is absolutely strange not to adore them. If we put aside horse riding, some people are more into looking at horses and admiring them from a certain distance, while other people love to touch them, and stroke their silk mane.

Horse Race is a wonderful game for the ones that are more into riding horses. Itís for the ones that donít have their own horse but would like to ride and to have one, but also for the ones that ride horses and would like to spend even more time with them.

It is very interesting that this game gives you the opportunity to ride in a desert in very interesting surroundings. And itís not all about riding, there are certain obstacles showing at your way, that you must avoid. If you donít do that, the game is over. Also is nice to collect more points in order to increase your score.

Game instructions: This game is really easy but at the same time very enjoyable. You use the arrow keys for jumping, while the right arrow key is for speeding the jump. Enjoy the ride!

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Rating: 4.29 [Rate]
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wolfrainer44 (20 January 2013):
Its Alright  Hmm...  Hmm...  Clap hands
Show Horse (19 October 2011):
Really good game , quick to jump . Only down side is .. the choice of horse . If I had made this game I would of put on horses to chose from . Sorry im so pickey ! It's just what I would do . Im megga picy on spelling mistakes . Hallo insteed of Hello on the top :/ !!!
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