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Title: Horse Jumping Dress Up

Description: And if it seems that some people are Ďborní in front of the camera and they manage to look amazing every time they take a picture or shoot, some people simply hate the lens! Even beautiful people run away when they see camera because they appear terribly on every picture. Taking casual pictures may not disturb so much but if the person needs to appear on TV or something, thatís where the trouble begins. But donít be desperate if you are in this group of people, actually there are some easy tricks that could make you look great on the screen, and also can be applied when you pose when taking a picture.

The first advice is to learn to feel comfortable and confident when you appear on video. The camera is able to catch this. Be relaxed and happy but not too happy, to look like you are drunk or you are using some drugs.

Getting a haircut a few days before videotaping is recommendable and if you are a man, shave immediately before videotaping. If needed, use 'teeth whitener' to have pearly white teeth - it does make a difference.

Choose right clothing for the video. It should be comfortable and suited to the topic of the video and know that casual works well in most cases. The color is also very important, avoid red, black or white. Digital cameras can have difficulties with red and black and white present too much by way of contrast. Also avoid stripes because they can make you appear too wide while wearing a single tone can cause you to blend together and appear bland and undefined. Very-closely-spaced stripes or patterns can create weird artifacts in digital photography and photographic processes such as printing. Solids and neutrals work best.

Game Walkthrough:Well the girl in this game has the previously mentioned problem, she simply doesnít look good in front of camera! For some people shoot made while racing with horses is not so important thing but she is a professional, and she is a girl, so looking good is something that really does matter for her! Since youíve learned all the tricks, you may help her make the right selection and shine if front of the camera. On the right side of the scene there are items that represent all available clothes and you need to choose the best of them, or the ones that are most acceptable, according to the previous instructions. Have in mind that she will be racing so you better choose something that looks good but itís comfortable at the same time. We know that she is in safe hands and youíll bring out all the best in her. Have fun!

Game Instructions: To play this game will be extremely easy and interesting at the same time. As we previously mentioned, on the right side of the screen there are items that represent all the clothes and you should pick out the best. Try the clothes with clicking on them and when you feel that your job is done, click ĎDoneí and thatís it! also have in mind that you can also change the surroundings.

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magestic beauty (25 January 2013):
Who puts a western saddle backwards?! That poor horse. But even more poor saddle. This stuff should be realistic! Sad  Hmm...
ponygirl9 (4 March 2012):
Backwards saddle!!!!! Ikr casino! How is this a horse website if everythings backwards!!!! Cool  Hmm...  Hmm...
Reiny (26 February 2012):
Whoops! Guess what, that didn't work. I knew it wouldn't, I just did it to prove ya'll wrong. *scoffs* Wave
rubyneve (24 February 2012):
wats with the saddles and bridles no fitting and a backwards saddel thats just wrong
casino (18 February 2012):
The saddle is backwards and the briddles dont fit right i thought this website was supposed to be a horse website
jwjustjohn (5 February 2012):
Backwards saddle?  COME ON!
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