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Title: Enjoyable Horse Racing

Description: This might be one of the sports that are always connected with betting. Yes people place bets on football or basketball games also, but horse racing is something else. It sometimes seems that this sport exists only so people could make or lose money on their prognoses. Actually there are not that many people that train this sport just because itís too expensive. You need to pay for everything for your horse just to train so many enthusiasts simply give-up. So instead of riding horses, people place bets on them with the hope that if the try hard enough, luck will smile back at them.

Game Walkthrough:Before you start using real money and begin placing real bets, test you skills and see if you can do it in the virtual world. Itís better to be safe than sorry. We are giving you all the options that you also have at the real race tracks. Although luck plays a big role in winning a race bet, all the people infected by this say that they use statistics and knowledge to put their money on a sure thing. As it turns out itís not always a sure thing but it is better to look through the numbers before you make a decision. Itís something that regular guests at the race tracks like to call, smart betting. So learn a thing or two in this game!

Game Instructions:By clicking on the computer mouse you can explore this exciting world of betting. You donít need anything else. Just a full functioning mouse so you can analyze the facts and place your bet. So start making (or loosing) money player!

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chadest14 (11 September 2011):
this game is the bom.  I won a lot because you have to  press the keys.  the ones that are green you press down on and on the red keys  you don't press down. And you can win a lot! Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
Thouroghbred Dream (10 December 2010):
This Is A GREAT Game!!!!!
I Love Racehorses!!!!!
pony655 (8 August 2010):
Hey, If you do longest track, you can hear the horses hoofbeats match the music. I agree HORSES ROCK!
Flamin Squirt123 (16 June 2009):
I totally get this game. this game is awesome. But you have to have fast fingers and hands like me, in order to win. I win  every time. Haha. Cool
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