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Title: Bubbles pony dress up

Description: Do you know what the difference between a pony and a foal is? Well, pony is a small horse in size even when it is grown up. It has short legs and heavier bone. On the other hand foal is a baby horse and when it will grow up it will have the height of its parents. Many people confuse these two kinds of horses, because sometimes is difficult to make a difference, but anyway now I hope you will be able to do that! Have you ever tried to ride a pony? You know, children love ponies because they are smaller and have the perfect size for the kids to be able to ride them. Well, in this game you are not going to ride a pony, but you will have another, even more exciting task to accomplish! Let`s see what you need to do this time?

Game Walkthrough: Are you ready to play another amusing pony dress up game? This one is really interesting! You will have to help this pony for the upcoming Christmas! You know that on this Holiday kids are probably most excited, because they are expecting gifts from Santa Claus. This is not an ordinary pony, my dear friend, this is Santa`s pony! Yeah, that`s right! This is a special pony that has to get ready for the Holliday, because all the children around the whole world are impatient and can hardly wait to receive their presents. This pony should travel in many countries together with Santa and to help him with the delivery! For this reason, it must look right and it must put on all the necessary Christmas clothes. So, what do you think this pony should look like in order to present the Christmas spirit? Well, there are certain things and outfits that are characteristic for this holyday, like for example the well known Santa`s red hat with white fur stripe at the edge as well as his clothes with the same red color and the white fur edgings! As you probably know, Santa is preparing the presents for a long time, because there are so many children around the world, and for this reason he needs the help of many forest animals and dwarfs! This year he asked the help of this pony, but the pony has to be dressed up suitably for this purpose. So, come on, there are many things shown on the game screen, and your task is to put all the necessary stuff on this pony and make him a real Santa representative! You will see many things presented around the pony, hats, boots, wings, shawls, accessories and so on. But they won`t place themselves automatically like in many other dress up games, so you have to drag them. Yes, you have to click on them and then drag them to the pony figure shown in the middle of the game screen. You can choose between dragon wings and more angelic wings, the choice is yours! You can even put a monocle on this pony and make it look more serious, like a scientist or philosopher! There are many possibilities, so you should do whatever you like to do, but still, you should try to stick to the Christmas spirit!

Game Walkthrough: The only thing you need to play this game is the Mouse! So, take it in your hand and click on the offered items in the bubbles and drag them to the pony`s figure to help it get prepared for the upcoming Christmas Holyday. Click and drag, that`s only thing you should do here! I guess that you will be more than pleased to help this pony!!!

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