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Title: Cinderella

Description: We are pretty sure that you know the story about the poor girl named Cinderella whose dreams of romance in the end come true, even with the unkindness of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. This story about Cinderella and her prince can be concerned as eternal story that remember us that no matter how difficult the journey is, dreams really can come true. And there are so many adaptations of this story but it’s quite sure that the film Cinderella, made by Disney, is the most beautiful one. This movie was released back in February 15th, 1950, and it’s so actual till today! Cinderella is a story that has been loved by everyone and that is the reason why Disney was so nervous while making this movie. He felt so big responsibility in front of the audience that he insisted that the scenes involving human characters should be shot first in live-action. The songs included in the movie - ‘Sing Sweet Nightingale, ’ ‘Bibbidi- Bobbidi-Boo, ’ ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ and ‘So This is Love ’ are so memorable and everyone recalls the movie when he listens them. 400 girls came on the audition for the voice of Cinderella but Ilene Woods was the lucky one who made the character of Cinderella eternal, with this movie. It is also interesting that the movie included few more characters that were successfully developed – the mice that are Cinderella friends and helpers and the wicked but charming cat Lucifer.

Game Walkthrough: You know the story about Cinderella, she may go to the ball but she has to come back before midnight when the spell given from the Godmother will expire and that would be an end of the beautiful clothes, the coach will become a pumpkin again, so Cinderella will become a dusty girl again and you can’t travel with a pumpkin… That’s why you should help, to guide the pumpkin – coach through the streets so she won’t be discovered. On your way, you need to drive fast but at the same time you have to be really, really careful because you may easily lose control over the wheel and go out of the road, or hit some obstacle. There are certain bonus items that is recommendable to be collected but if you see that you are going into a wrong way, that you may easily crush, turn on the other side. It is better not to have a big number of points then to crush and once you crush, the coach will turn into a pumpkin immediately! Your assignment may overturn the whole story about Cinderella. Who knows what could happen if she stays there on the streets on midnight, she may never come home again and never see the prince again! Be a friend and try to do your job as good as you could. Cinderella would be really thankful for doing that.

Game Instructions: You’ll be using the arrow keys to move through the streets, and control your steer. You should watch out for obstacles and try to stay on the road all the time. For earning a bigger score, you should pick up certain bonus items on your way like fairy dust, magic gem, and other items that will help you on your way like magic wheel that temporary burst your speed, and magic stopwatch that temporarily stops the watch. This will be an exciting ride anyway, but try to make it as good as possible, helping Cinderella come home.

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