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Title: Rodeo Extreme

Description: Many people, especially the young are very fond of the different extreme sports and other activities. That is very easy to understand, because young people like challenges and they accept every chance to show their abilities. And not just that! They want to feel the excitement of those extreme sports and also the high adrenalin level! Oh, these sports can really offer that thrill!!! Well, yeah…young people really need many different opportunities to prove that they are good at something! And luckily there is a great variety of extreme sports, so they can choose from all those activities like for example mountain bike riding to bungee jumping, water surfing and extreme motorbike, or maybe even hunting dangerous animals. It depends on the interest and the abilities of every individual. They can choose this or that, but basically it is the same drive: to put yourself in danger and find a way to get out of that situation. Of course, the result will be a higher self esteem and if you are very good at what you do, maybe even an admiration by other people. But have you ever asked yourself how the people in the past fulfilled they need for extreme activities. What were they like? Well, in that respect, they were no much different from us. But, there were many different games that were similar to today's sports, but there were some different consequences for the winners and the losers. For example Mayas and Aztecs had a game that is similar to contemporary football in a way, with some differences. So, what is extreme here? Well, nothing but the fact that the one who will lose the game will be sacrifice. Remember how some communities, especially the North American Indians that were very good hunters fulfilled their need for challenges. They not only do the hunting to provide food for their families, but they are also satisfying their need for danger and they compete between them, trying to proving which one of them is the best hunter. Well, we touched upon the stories of the Wild West. So, it is time to The rodeo ride is an extreme sport. It is practiced even today. If somebody does not believe in that they should try and see by themselves.

Game walkthrough: Your task is to bridle a wild horse. Try to keep a mouse on a horseback as long as you can. When you go over 10.000 scores you will go to the next round. It may sound easy but in fact it is not so easy to do that. The horses are not domesticated and they can not stand someone ride on their back. They are trying to throw you off with great power.

Game Instructions: The mouse will be your only tool right now. You should click on the hat of the rodeo rider to begin with the ride. But, be careful and do that only if you are prepared, because you should have in mind that the horse will try to rid of you in the first second. So try to follow its movement and you will not fall from the saddle. Well, buddy if you really want to try this extreme rodeo, you better start training here and see how good you are! Good luck and be careful!!!

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