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Title: Pony Stars

Description: Horses in the nature donít wear anything and they perform all the things like running and jumping without any gear but domesticated horses are usually equipped with some useful stuff. They donít wear trousers or t-shirts like people but horse shoes for example are one of the main things. We may say that they don't have to but wearing them helps prevent horses from damaging their hooves. Having barefoot horses requires a knowledgeable horse owner and a good barefoot trimmer. Thatís why a horse shoe is often used as a quick fix and to make life easy. On other hand there are situations where a horse is not able to go unprotected what depends on hoof health and the type of work that is expected from the horse. Initially it was to protect from chips and cracks from hitting rocks, but with the advent of concrete and other paving, a horse's feet became more vulnerable still. A hoof boot can be also used for temporary protection instead of a shoe if needed. Wild horses, of course, don't wear shoes. While split hooves aren't all that dangerous, they can be painful and irritating, like a hangnail. They also can be dangerous if the wound is deep and gets infected. Shoes also help heal broken hooves. Like getting a split fingernail, horses can split hooves, and the shoe can act as a sort of splint to help the hoof heal. The shields that horses wear on their eyes are called blinkers. They are a black piece of plastic on a horseís head, behind the eyes, so the horse can't see whatís behind him, so he doesn't spook. When they race, besides the blinkers they wear a type of a racing brindle. Also horses wear cloth over their eyes. Itís for fly and sun protection. It is probably some sort of fly mask, to keep bothersome flies or mosquitoes of horsesí faces, either the mesh kind or the kind that drapes string down their face but some of them are used to reduce the effect of the sun on the horsesí eyes and reduce glare from shiny objects. Horses also wear rugs to keep them warm and when been worked they wear a range of tack.

Game Walkthrough: As you can see the regular pony dress is not something special and it serves more for protection of the horse, without giving too much care for his appearance, or how does it look. But the following game concentrates on totally other side of the pony. You have a beautiful white horse that is waiting for you to make him even more beautiful. All you should do is to ply with colors and make him look unique and classy. That can be done by choosing interesting colors for his body, his legs and his mane. After youíve done that, you may choose to add him a horn and make him unicorn or even add wings and turn him into wild Pegasus, just like in the legends. Depending from your taste and wishes, you may put him a shield or some nice Indian decoration. The choice is completely yours, do what you wish, as long as you make interesting combinations. And if you find yourself in a situation that you donít like your horseís appearance, you are free to repeat the whole procedure numerous times, playing with many colors and shapes.

Game Instructions: So, itís time to start dressing the pony. For this game you donít need diploma for a stylist. Your mouse and your wide imagination would be enough. At the bottom of the picture there is a list that gives you all the available options for dressing the horse, divided in few categories: body color, legs color, mane color, horn, wings and extra. All you should do is to click using the left mouse button on the shape or color that is most eye-catching for you and you consider it like most suitable for the new look of the horse. Pick something from all categories and complete the look. If you are not satisfied with the look, you may repeat the process numerous times.

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barrelracingbabe (10 September 2012):
imade a white one and shes an indian and i call her angel Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Cool
horselover3 (29 April 2012):
made another 1 i call her the red mare for the dead
horselover3 (29 April 2012):
i made another one she is a Indian horse that is pink Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy
horselover3 (28 April 2012):
i call mine the black horse for the underworld Happy she is all black Happy
horselover3 (28 April 2012):
good Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy
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