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Title: Horse Nugget Muncher

Description: Gold is an extremely valued precious metal! It has a shiny and bright yellow color. It is considered to be a symbol of wealth and richness! You have probably seen many golden objects from the history of civilizations, like for example the Egyptian statues of the Pharaohs and so on! But have you ever wondered how this gold was found?!? Well the gold in nature is found in a form of gold nuggets! Yes, a gold nugget is a naturally occurring piece of gold. Watercourses frequently concentrate and grow the nuggets. Nuggets are recovered by placer mining, but they are also found in remaining deposits where the gold-bearing veins or lodes are gnarled. Nuggets are also found in the tailings piles of previous mining operations, particularly those left by gold mining scours. Some nuggets are formed by cold bonding of smaller particles and fragments in streams and rivers. Gold's softness makes it prone to joining under force or hammering loads, such as those produced at waterfalls and in rapids. There is no oxide shell layer to restrain sticking together between gold flakes. So when pieces of gold slap one another under pressure, it is very possible to bond in one single and bigger piece.

Game Walkthrough: Well, in this game you are not going to dig gold nuggets, because this job will belong to other creatures. Your job will be to collect those gold nuggets! In this game you will meet: The Nugget Munchers; the Mining Maggots and the Gold Nuggets. Your task is to avoid the hungry little varmints, as they love to bat the tasty gold nuggets. The mining maggots are the green little buddies that will mine those nuggets for you. You should make sure that the munchers do not capture them first. You will need to collect loads of gold nuggets before you could find your spaceship. Well, you have a serious challenge waiting for you!!! But you know what? You are not alone; you have your robot-like flying horse!!! You should ride your horse and shoot the bad bionic crab! You need to reach space wagon so you better hurry up, but try not to be caught by the nasty scratch, because if they catch you, they are going to steal your nuggets. You can`t let this happen! The grabs can be shot, and some will lose their tax so just take it all. If you manage to go to your shopping cart you have won and the score will signify your performance and skills to achieve. You will see the time and the distance you have passed at the top of the game screen and you can also see the number of collected gold nuggets at the top right angle of the game screen! This game is so cool; you are going to have a floating feeling during the play! Ok, you are already on your bionic horse, so make him fly and go through this adventurous challenge!!!

Game Instructions: In order to navigate your character throughout the game you should use the following keys to play: The LEFT AROW KEY - to turn left; the RIGHT AROW KEY - to turn to the right; UP AROW KEY - to go up; DOWN AROW KEY - to go down; SPACEBAR - to shoot nuggets. So, come on! Use these directional buttons to navigate and collect as many nuggets as possible!!! Well, Good luck buddy!!!

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