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Title: Snowy Pony

Description: It is winter again and we are expecting some snow to fall and cover the cold and gloomy autumn colors and change them in full white. It is one of the most interesting seasons in the year, especially because it is full of opportunities. But the children are not the only ones that are expecting the snow, but even some animals are also eager to play in the snow. What do you think which is the most beloved animal for many children? Just ask them and you will get the unanimous answer. Of course, it is the pony, that cute little being that has big beautiful eyes and a long hair that is adorable. There is a special place in the woods where there are ponies that are living in the wild and are totally free. You are lucky to live near the forest, where you have been told some ponies appear in winter. Every year there is a time when it is snowing, when a flock of ponies go out in the field and are playing in the snow. It is the most magical sight that you have ever seen. You should not miss that for anything in the world. These cute little Ponies love playing in the snow, and especially this Snowy Pony, your little friend. And you know what? It's snowing at last. So, there is no time to lose; let's go out and join the pony in its endless play out there in the snow, trying to catch the snowflakes. You are so lucky that there are no words that can describe that in a precise manner. There is nothing else that is as important as this, so don't let that ever end. Just go out there and try to forget everything. The whole scenery covered in white, under the moon light will take you far from reality as if you are somewhere in the land of your dreams.

Game walkthrough: In this fun Pony game catch Snowflakes to keep the meter up. The main goal in this game is to never let the meter go down. You will run on ice and you will be sliding on it going left and right and back. It is really enjoying if you just jump around carelessly. It is important to try hard to let the game go on without stopping. Don't let this beautiful and enjoying moments ever end. This will be one of the most interesting moments in your life. We grant you that.

Game Instructions: Use left and right arrow keys to move the cute Snowy Pony, and if you want to jump just press the Space bar. But you should beware of the shadows on the ground that are announce falling snow...and that is not just another snowflakes, but wholly formed snowmen. Try to avoid them or simply jump over them. While jumping around in the extraordinarily beautiful winter scenery you can even do special tricks to get extra points. How to do that? Well, while you are in the air press the up arrow key. You will perform some spectacular stunts and you will get some extra points that will provide you with more time to play in the snow. You will have some fun there and it will be great. Give yourself completely to the enjoyment in the snowy landscapes and have some fun with the cute little pony friend!

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