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Title: The Last Winged Unicorn

Description: In 1968, Peter S. Beagle wrote and published the popular fantasy novel with the title The Last Unicorn. More than five million copies were sold worldwide since its original publication, and also this amazing novel has been translated into many, many languages, twenty at least. The third-person plot concentrates on a unicorn who believes that she is the last of her kind in the world, and for this reason she gets on a voyage to find out what has happened to the other unicorns. She comes across a group of different characters during her voyage, and each of these characters brings her closer to her aim. In 1982, after the great success with the novel The Last Unicorn, a film with the same title was released, based on this novel. The film was also a great success! You have probably seen this film, and you have probably herd the Song with the same title. Oh, amazing! But, now…you have a chance to play a game with the Last Winged Unicorn!!!The Winged Unicorn is one of the last mythical creatures. One day this magnificent creature decided to exercise and run, and while running and having fun did not notice that ran in some unknown places where Aztec totems were scattered around on the hanging islands.

Game Walkthrough: Well, it seems that the beautiful white Winged Unicorn is lost in an unfamiliar and unsafe land full of abysses and obstacles. This is a magical horse, so it has three lives before it is really over. It needs your help so that it can reach to the end safe and sound. I hope that you will be more than pleased to help this magnificent creature go through these difficult tasks and run on those islands without failing into the abyss. The good thing about this game is that you will be able to read the instructions on the game screen while you play, so in case you forget something this will serve as a reminder and will help you a lot. So don`t worry about anything and enjoy! OK, you have to stay concentrated and focused because there are many ditches and obstacles you must overcome, but anyway, this is not one of those games where you have to stay tensed all the time! The beautiful and magical surroundings where the unicorn has been lost is great itself, so you can enjoy just watching it! But anyway, you have to help the winged unicorn reach its goal, so be especially careful about the totems that are placed down. Sometimes, when you land after a jump, you might crash right into these totems! So open your eyes and be careful! There are many items you can collect on your way and if you succeed in collecting them, you will get some extra points! Hmm…nice! If you are ready, you better start the game and help this winged unicorn!!!

Game Instructions: Now let`s see what controls you need to use in order to navigate the magnificent white last winged unicorn throughout this unknown and mystical land! All you have to do is press the Z key of your keyboard to jump once and press twice for a double jump. Press the X key to use the super powerful weapon and destroy the totems in front of him. Click the pause button if you need a break and enjoy the breathtaking graphics and the wonderful background music and sounds!!!

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magestic beauty (28 May 2012):
Different. Very, very, different.   Hmm...
xChestnutCrazyx (9 May 2012):
game won't even load! Hmm...
xChestnutCrazyx (9 May 2012):
1st comment! now going 2 play lolz! :P
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