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Title: Indian Wedding Escape

Description: Depending from the place where you were born, there are various traditions related with the wedding day. Probably one of the most interesting weddings that happen worldwide, are the ones in India because they are not actually a small gathering for the closer circle of friends and relatives but a huge celebration that grows into a big social gathering with anywhere between 100 to 10,000 people attending, many of them unknown to the bride and groom themselves. In general, Indian Weddings are strictly observed with rituals and traditions accompanied with dance, music and a lavish feast which add charm and elegance to overall event. Those traditions vary across religion, caste, ethnicity, language, region, etc. but the traditional Indian weddings are generally structured into pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding day ceremonies, and the Vidaai. Kanyadaan is actually the moment when parents give their daughter away in marriage. During that the groom makes three promises – to be just, to earn sufficiently to support his family, and love his wife. Bariksha is when the bride's parents have informally shown intentions that they want a particular groom, and the groom and his family have agreed. Tilak is when the bride's parents are traveling to the groom's family home to formalize the relationship which is also a large feast. Byaha Haath is a ceremony of purifying of the mind, body and soul of bride and groom…. And so many traditions. And even if this all sounds nice, and those ceremonies look amazing, with those bright colors, wonderful dresses, a lot of gold…there is one not so nice thing in it. The bride and the groom should be happiest on this day, but the thing is that most of those marriages are arranged and it happens the future partner not to be like the one of the dreams. The traditional Indian wedding is about two families being brought together socially, so they could pull some benefit out from the whole thing, without too much care for the personality of the involved individuals. That’s why it may happen some of the young ones to run away from the wedding or to do some unwanted thing…that will bring sadness instead of joy for the family. In some urban areas have what are known as ‘love marriages’, in which the partners decide to marry each other without family involvement or assistance but those cases are quite rare and totally don’t fit in the tradition.

Game Walkthrough: So you’ve learned so many things about the Indian weddings and now you will meet one young guy that is actually a ‘victim’ of this marriage or at least he feel like that. He actually likes to run away from his wedding because he didn’t find any connection with his future wife and as a matter of fact she doesn’t look like the girl of his dreams. He leaves his place on his donkey and he rides it really fast with intention to go somewhere where he could enjoy summer, sun, beaches, attractive girls, beer… Help this meant groom to get to his final point. Run fast with the donkey and collect his ‘dreams’ with jumping. Once you see a thing that relates him to his Indian roots and traditions, do what you know to avoid them.

Game Instructions: To help this young man escape from his wedding you should have in mind the following things. Press Up and Down arrow keys to collect the thought blurbs and generate points or avoid the obstacles while left and right keys for navigating the groom. You get 10 points from the girl in the bikini and 20 points for the beach bar, but be careful with the things that could tide you and bring you back to your arranged wife. We are sure that you’ll love this Indian jumping adventure!

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