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Title: Beach Horse

Description: Horses are very beautiful and gracious animals. But, apart from their beauty, they have been very useful to humans from such a long time ago. They have helped replacing people when they most needed it, in the form of transport and labor force. However, today, with all the machinery and technology we have, they can relax and we use them mostly for pleasure and sport activities. Some of them are: horseback riding, horse racing, horse shows, and many, many more.

Game walkthrough: Doesnít the combination of a horse and a beach sound just perfect to you? Is there anything better than riding your horse by the shore, while the waves splash onto your feet and you hear the sound of the ocean. Well, if all this sounds like a dream to you, then you need to play this game. Your task will be to jump over barrels and make sure that you do not miss more than seven, because in that case, the game is over and you need to start from the beginning. Also, keep an eye on the moving boat. Once it disappears from the stage, the level is complete.

Game instructions: On the top of your game screen, you will see an icon with incorrect jumps written on it. You will need to jump all the barrels in the right way, so that you do not pass the number of 7 incorrect jumps, when your game would be over. To jump, you will need to use the up arrow key. But you will need to make sure you start jumping in the right time, because if you start a second sooner or a second later, you will touch the barrel and the jump will be considered as incorrect. So get your gear and letís practice a little first!

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