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Title: Badger Racing

Description: Let`s learn something about Badgers! Well, you have probably seen this animal in many cartoons! It is short-legged omnivores in the weasel family, Mustelidae. Badgers have really short and fat bodies, extremely short legs which they use for digging, very small ears and elongated heads. Their tails can vary in length depending on species, the stink badger for example has a very short tail, while the ferret badger's tail can be 18-20 inches long, and this depends on their age. Their faces are black and they have those unique white markings! They have gray colored bodies with a light colored ribbon along their head to the tail, dark legs with light colored stomachs, length of about 35 inches including the tail. So the European badger is considered to be one of the largest! The stink badgers are smaller, but the smallest is the ferret badgers! They weigh around 20-24lbs on average and some of the Eurasian badgers weigh around 40lbs! This is generally how they look like! But do you have an idea what their behavior is like? Well, it depends. Some of them can be very solitary, but others tend to live in clans of two to fifteen badgers. But did you actually know that they can be aggressive and protective when they have to defend their families. They can even fight with bears and wolves! And you know how large and hostile these animals can be! Coyotes from North America occasionally eat badgers and also reverse, but they also may cooperate with each other and can be even seen hunting together!

In Europe, badgers are used to predict the duration of the winter. In Japanese culture and folklore, the badger is depicted as a wild creature and often appears as a malicious being. The badger is symbol of U.S. state of Wisconsin, a mascot of the University of Wisconsin's athletic teams, and the official mascot of Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada!

Game Walkthrough: So here you are at a badgers` race! Once the race starts you will be able to choose your favorite badger and bet on it! To win the race you can slow the opposing badgers by dropping cat bombs on them. Just click over the badger you wish to slow down. You have only 5 bombs, so use them wisely. If you find your badger is lagging behind, unleash a nitroboost if you have one. Nitros are very expansive though so only use them if you have no other choice! After the race if you win, your bet will be doubled. If you lose you get nothing and forfeit the money on the bet! You will also be able to buy more bombs (up to a maximum of 5) nitroboosts, but be careful! Items will cost more each time you buy one! So, all you have to do is to choose the best badger to win the race, although all badgers look the same, which means you have to pick a badger by chance! But the rest is in your hands! Watch how the rave goes, and react fast when you see that your badger is getting slower!

Game Instructions: To play this race game, you need to use your left click mouse button to select, as well as the keyboard to enter numbers (the sum of money), as well as the spacebar to unleash a nitroboost. Well, go badger! And win the race!!!

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