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Title: Horse Flirt

Description: Flirting can be interesting way to have fun or met someone that could become your future partner in life. Some people don’t believe in the power of flirting, they prefer direct communication or friendship before the relationship but believe, flirting can help as well. If you are new in this field, here are some advices that will make you a real magnet for girls/boys.

- Eye contact is the main thing in flirting and if the subject of your affection gives you back, know that you are on the right direction - Smile. People that smile show a high level of self-confidence and that is attractive as hell - Copy him or her - subtly copying his/her body language, gestures, and facial expressions can go a long way in creating comfort and intimacy when you've just met someone - ‘Accidently’ touch him/her when you stand from your chair or you go to the bathroom - Don’t feel shy to give a compliment. A compliment, even a small one, sends the signal that you're interested in more than just making friends.

Game Walkthrough:Wow, all the men are same! You turn your head on other side for a moment and he is looking at the sexy chick that sits near to you, or even he is flirting with her! Damn! In this game it’s about a flirty horse and his wife. They are sitting together in a nice restaurants and it seems that they are having great time, or at least she thinks that, while he is taking advantage of every single moment when she is distracted by something, to stare at the hot lady that is sitting alone at the next table. We must admit that she looks attractive but what about his wife? You can be angry at him and leave this game, or support him in his insidious acts. The bar closes at 12 o’clock and hit intention is to continue with her and take her for a drink or something. Help this Don Juan to conquer this lady, he likes to flirt with this girl, but if his wife catches him, it would be really bad for him, and his marriage…

Game instructions:Playing this game would be easy but hiding from the wife won’t be easy at all because women detect everything! Flirt with the girl clicking on her and when you see that your wife is watching you, instantly stop. You gain points when you are telling flattering words and if you have many points, you have a date. If your lady catches you, it is an end of the game, and maybe of your marriage… Good luck!

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