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Title: White Horse Jigsaw

Description: At first the jigsaw puzzle was a game for kids but now things have changed. Maybe children play the ones that are easier to solve like the ones with 10, 20 eve 50 pieces that you need to put together and get a certain picture at the end. But there are grown-ups that are jigsaw puzzle maniacs from all over the world that do the ones that are complicated with 100, 200 even 500 pieces. They don’t solve them in short amount of time and spent hours and hours sometimes even days to get the final picture.

But who can blame them? Did you know that jigsaw puzzles are one of the healthiest games for the brain? You activate the cells just like when you play chess for example and exercise certain abilities like memory that are good for you.
Game Walkthrough:Here we have an online version of a jigsaw puzzle and the picture you need to get at the end is of a white gracious horse. Playing ‘White Horse Jigsaw’ is cost efficient and a good way to start. Just think about it, you won’t spend money to buy a puzzle that you will get tired of when you solve it. Here you do everything in the online world and for free. You have three options you can choose from, puzzle with 12, 48 and the hardest one with 192 pieces. You can test and of course exercise your jigsaw puzzle skills. Naturally the main goal besides putting the pieces into a big picture is doing that in the shortest amount time. So yes, this game will put your abilities to the ultimate test. Can you take it?

Game Instructions:This is the simplest game in the instructions part because there it’s not much of a philosophy on how you need to play it. You will need only your computer mouse. Put your hand over it. When you see a certain piece of the puzzle you would like to move, move your mouse over it. Then click on it and hold the left button and drag it to the location where you want to put it. Afterward release the button. That’s it. So activate your brain cells and get the jigsaw puzzle party started!

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