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Title: Zebra Duel Racing

Description: Zebras are similar with horses with that difference that they are known for their stripes and the horses donít have them. Zebras are also very fast animals. They can run as fast as 40 mph when measured for maximum speeds over approximate quarter-mile distances and their long limbs account for their great speed. Also, zebras are constantly cautious when it comes about their predators, such as lions and hyenas. Their running speed is an adapted ability in the wild to outrun those who hunt them. However they donít take part in races because they are to hard to be domesticated.

Game Walkthrough: Yes we are familiar with horse races but now letís try something different. Itís about a zebra race. You are on the track, ready, steady, go! Your mission is to ride your zebra and get first to the final point. You have only one opponent in the first race but that doesnít mean that it is difficult. Like every race, this race asks from you to be related with your animal and show how you can handle it, directing it on the right direction. Start the race in the right time because if you start too fast, or too late, you lose.

Game Instructions: It is time to check out the controls for playing the game. You will use the arrow keys. Your zebra will run by pressing the left and right arrow keys alternatively. Faster you press them, faster your zebra will run. But know that you really need to move your fingers fast, till you feel them burning (we donít mean that literary). For activating your nitro boost, press the Up arrow key. It will increase your speed rapidly, but know that it last just few seconds. Also know that at first it may be difficult for you to start, but once you catch the rhythm, you would not have any problems. Now run there and let us see your best score.

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