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Title: Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle

Description: They are huge horses with a large, pointed, spiraling horn on their forehead and sometimes with a goatís beard. The unicorns are actually imaginary animals that were first mentioned by the ancient Greeks. Also now in the modern age, they still exist mostly in fairy tales and usually are portrayed as good and brave creatures.

One of the most famous films about unicorns is the future length cartoon ĎThe Last Unicorní which is a story of a brave unicorn and a magician that fight against an evil king who is obsessed with attempting to capture the worldís unicorns. Even the famous Hollywood actors Jeff Bridges, Mia Farrow and Angela Lansbury gave their voice to the main characters of this magnificent animated film. Although it was made in 1982, it will amuse you and you can watch it regardless of the year. br>Game Walkthrough:Your mission in this virtual game is to put together pieces and at the end get a picture of a beautiful unicorn and a girl. Yes, youíve guessed it right; you have to solve a jigsaw puzzle. We are sure that you will solve it but try to do that as fast as you can so donít waste any seconds. Be quick, precise and the best jigsaw puzzle solver you can be. But most importantly have fun; after all this game has been invented for amusement. Also we give you the opportunity to solve a puzzle consisted of 12, 24, 48, 64 or 99 pieces. So work yourself up and start from the easiest and progress to the hardest one. Also be patient and focused, if you canít figure out where to put a certain piece donít burst into anger. Just take a moment and start over. Also remember - by playing this online jigsaw puzzle you save money because you donít buy a real one from a store. Actually people waste quite amount of money by doing that but here in the virtual world you wonít spend a penny. How cool is that.

Game Instructions:You play this game only with the computer mouse. When you spot a piece you want to move, than just click on it and drag it to the place you want to put it. There isnít anything else we need to say except get into the magical jigsaw puzzle world!

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