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Title: Unicorn Pong

Description: Table tennis or as we call it ping pong, is the most popular racquet sport in the world. It is ranked second in general in terms of participation and over 10 million players compete in sanctioned tournaments each year. The world powers in table tennis currently are China, Sweden and South Korea. Many people consider table tennis and ping pong as synonyms but actually the difference between ping-pong and table tennis is that ‘Ping-Pong’ is a trademark belonging to Jaques & Son in Britain and to Parker Bros in the US. They are companies that sell equipment for this sport, so it's only ping-pong if you're using their kit.

Game Walkthrough: And now you will have a unique chance to play one little bit strange type of ping pong. Instead of players there are unicorns involved in the game, and instead of ball you have a small cake. One of the unicorns is up in the sky and he is moving by its own, while the other is in the meadow and he is waiting you to move him. The point of moving is to touch the cake so it will go up and be hit by the other horse. Try to keep the cake in the air for a longer period of time.

Game Instructions: First when you start playing the game, you get option to select the difficulty level. Easy, medium and hard are the options. Then the game starts and your job is to move the unicorn that is on earth, so he would hit the cake. You’ll be moving by using the arrow keys – Left arrow key for moving left and Right arrow key for moving right. you have three lives, that means that you can miss the cake three times and that is actually an end of the game for you.

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