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Title: Catch Em Cowboy

Description: How many times you have watched western movies? Oh, I guess many times! Yeah, the wild, Wild West...Cowboys and Indians chasing around, riding horses, shooting...oh, yeah something like this! But do you actually know what cowboy is? It is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches, usually on horseback, and frequently performs many other ranch-related duties. Yeah, you know those historic American cowboys of the late 19th century who had become really popular and legendary.

Game Walkthrough: Well, my friend, here is a chance for you to experience the real cowboy responsibility! If you have ever thought that being a cowboy is an easy job, try this game and see how it looks like to be a cowboy! It`s not an easy one! There are many cows that you should herd! But, you know, cows can be really stubborn you should have really strong nerves to be able to deal with them! Well, yeah...this game requires a little patience, so I hope you have it! Or if you don`t, you can improve it! You have to complete this task in 5 minutes! Yeah, the time is running away! So don`t waste it in vain! By the way, you have 3 steps to accomplish! To finish the first step, you should herd the cow to the gates, then to wait the gates to open, to herd the cow around both barrels in the shape of the number 8, and at the end to herd the cow through the other gate! Oh, yeah...but there are 10 cows there, and you should repeat this with all of them! So, cowboy, go ahead! I

Game Instructions: The arrow keys from your keyboard are all you need to herd the cows! So, c`mon cowboy go ahead and finish your duty now! Good luck!

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