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Title: Friendship is Magic the Story of Blanks

Description: Sometimes you shouldnít be so friendly and so curious. I know it just the way you are but have you ever heard the sentence ďCuriosity killed the catĒ? Well, do you know what it means? Itís saying that sometimes you should just listen to your parents and donít stick your nose everywhere. If for example your mother says that you shouldnít cross the street, then listen to her! Donít be a smart mouth!

We understand that you are friendly, that you want to have fun and that is quite OK. Talk to people, play with them but always keep in mind that you must be safe. You should have adventures but donít do anything stupid. Maybe someday you will regret something.

Game Walkthrough:Well if you want to be adventurous than do it in our virtual game world. You are a cute little pony that wants to make new friends and of course have fun experiences with them. You live in a place filled with beautiful nature. Its like made for a small horsey like you. Green grass, tall trees, lot of space where you can run until you run out of breath. But thatís not enough for you. You want something more out of your days and thatís crazy adventures. Where can you have them? In the forest next to the place where you live, filled with new stuff that can be dangerous but of course you want to try them.

Game Instructions:With the arrow keys on your keyboard you can move your pony around. Also when you pres the Z button, you start and make conversations with other creatures in this game. So have fun, little pony!

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