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Title: Farm with horses

Description: Animals that live in a farm and are domesticated to live in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor are generally called livestock. We can add poultry or farmed fish in this group but not always they are concerned as livestock. These farms could be big and they could work for big companies to produce meat and dairy products but also there are smaller farms that people use as their hobby or as a way to provide food only for their family.

When individuals are choosing animals for their farms, itís good these animals to be some that the person is drawn to naturally. For example if someone concerns that taking care of a goat may be weird, then this animal is not for him. If the person likes to sell his products, he checks out the market but if he has a farm for his own, he takes care of the animals that he prefers to eat.

Game walkthrough: Now since you know how the things go with the farms, and you feel that you could handle one by your own, itís time to check out how the things go. In this game you have a unique chance to create your own farm. You have a wonderful space Ė beautiful house with a garden and a meadow, so everything seems ideal for taking care of domestic animals. You have sheep, beautiful horses and two cows, so you can arrange them as you like. Make your own schedule, put sheep on one side, horses and cows on other or join them together. If you donít like the first arrangement, make a new one. Now play and enjoy the life on a farm.

Game instructions: As we said before, you have the space, you have the animals, and now itís time to place the animals on their right places. To do that you will use your mouse. Pick one animal and drag it on the wanted place. Do that with all the animals and have fun!

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