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Title: Super Filly Adventure

Description: Neverland is where Peter Pan and his friends live. You know the story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up and his faithful gang that follows him around. Well their home is the unbelievable place called Neverland. Of course this is an imaginary place portrayed only in the story. You can’t find it on a map and you can’t visit it. But you can read about it and picture it in your head.

Take a piece of paper and draw or describe with words your perfect place, your imaginary heaven where you would like to live. It can be filled with candy, different kinds of toys, without school or homework. Just let your imagination paint the picture.

Game Walkthrough:Welcome to Ponyville, an imaginary land that is interesting for so many things but mostly because of the fact that is mostly populated by sweet little ponies. You know what a pony is, right? Those cute horses that are so small by growth, maybe the smallest in the bunch. Well you also play a pony called Jade that is new in town. You come there wanting to make friends and the first one you meet is Pinkie Pie. A fun loving pony that will prepare you a welcome party. The deal is – you go and spread the invitations and Pinkie Pie will make the cup cakes. This is a good chance for you to meet the inhabitants of Ponyville and also find out what is your special talent which is the main goal of your mission. ‘Super Filly Adventure’ is an interaction game so don’t be shy, just talk to the ponies and have fun along the way. Also keep in mind that there are multiple ending to the game of course on the ways you choose to go through. We believe that we’ve explained all the details and now everything is in your hands. So have fun, little horsy!

Game Instructions:Prepare your keyboard and computer mouse for this game. With the arrow keys on the keyboard you control your pony and by hitting the space bar you interact with the other horses. That’s it. Before you start read the introduction so you can get the feel of the game and that’s it. Be prepared to be amazed in Ponyville!

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