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Title: Sulky Riders

Description: Harness racing is a form of horse racing in which the horses race at a particular gait (a trot or a pace) and they typically pull a two-wheeled cart called a sulky. In Europe is also conducted racing under saddle. More specifically, a horse sulky is a lightweight two-wheeled, single-seat cart that is utilized as a type of rural transport in a lot of parts of the world. In harness racing is used a special development of this wheeler. They are called ‘sulkies’ because the driver must prefer to be alone. Sulkies come in two categories, a traditional symmetrical sulkies and asymmetric or ‘offset’ sulkies. There is also ‘pairs’ sulky, a lightweight single seat sulky that is designed for draft by two horses abreast.

Game Walkthrough: And now, prepare yourself for one sulky ride. Since you are going to be the raider, you know that you take all the responsibility so do your best to finish fast and gain a high score. At the beginning of the game you should pick out your horse first. Bysance, Cabotin, Velvet and Carouzo are the 4 available horses for the race and they differ one from another by their age. After that choose the racer. You can choose between 4 racers again, and they all have different skills in a sense that each one of them has a different number of victories: Yannik 23, Kim 52, Max 45 and Rick 90. Have that in mind but know that sometimes a racer that wasn’t so successful before can be excellent in this race. Give them all a chance!

Game Instructions: And at least the instructions, we know that you’ve been waiting for them. Well perhaps you are accustomed to use the arrow key on this manner – left arrow key to go left or backward and right arrow key to go right or forward but in this case is little bit different. You should use the both keys and press them alternately so your vehicle to move.

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