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Title: Singing Horses

Description: Have you ever heard a horse singing? I know what you think right now…how can a horse sing? It`s impossible! It`s just a horse…Well, in real life horses cannot sing, at least I haven`t heard some, but in cartoons and video games anything is possible, right? So, start this unusual game and see how can horses sing?

Game Walkthrough: Ok, This game is definitely not for those who are ready for action, and want to compete, simply because this game is not intended to assess some of your skills and there is no winning or losing, there is no time limitation, there are no levels like in most of the games you can play online. This one is unique. But there is something even more interesting and fun than that! Here you have four horses that just love to sing. Your task is to click on each horse to start singing, and then click again to stop the singing. You can mix and match and combine their voices and simply go where the rhythm takes you. You can make the four horses sing at the same time! Now you have a chance to be the leader of these horse`s choir. Oh, it`s going to be hilarious!!! You are going to love it!

Game Instructions: Well, my dear friend, there`s not much playing here, but you still have to participate in this game. So, all you need to do is to click with the left mouse button on a certain horse, and it will immediately start singing, and when you click again on the same horse, it will stop singing! It`s easy as that! So go ahead and play this amusing singing game!

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