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Title: Create a Horse

Description: Horses are definitely one of the peopleís favorite animals. And itís not strange why that is, horses are so calm and peaceful, so friendly, and not to mention their fabulous look Ė a perfect combination of stamina and incredible grace.

Horses belong to the family of equus and equus comes from the ancient Greek word that means quickness. They are part of the mammals and are in the same family as zebras, mules and donkeys. An average horse life is around 20 -25 years, though they could live for up to 30 years. Old Billy was the oldest recorded horse was Old Billy, and he lived 62 years. Horseís height is measured in hands - 4 inches or 10 centimeters. Measurement is taken from the ground up to the withers, the highest point on the horse's shoulder. A light horse such as a Lipizzana measures between 15.1 and 16.2hh while a heavy horse such as a Shire is between 16.2 and 17.2hh. Ponies are under 14hh. Horses eat short, juicy grass, hay in the winter, then barley, oats, maize, chaff, bran which are full with proteins. Itís typical for them that have small stomachs for their size so they have to eat little and often.

Game Walkthrough: And maybe you donít have a chance to have your own horse, but you donít need to worry about it. ďCreate a horseĒ is a game that will make your dreams come true. The game features different horse body parts in three different colors Ė brown, black and white, and you should compose the parts and make your own horse. The game is really demanding because you need to be really careful while composing the parts, you should manage everything to be on its right place because if itís not like that, your horse will look silly. Since youíve constructed your horse, itís time to beautify it. That can be done adding some elements like saddle, more luxurious†mane, or maybe body armor, you could add him wings, but also you can arrange the surroundings, choosing a color and additional elements.

Game Instructions: There are two boards in the game. In the left one, there are the body parts and the other items, while the left board itís empty and there you should compose the horse. When you click one time with the mouse on wanted item, it appears in the constructing board. There you can move the parts dragging them with your mouse and you can construct the whole horse that way. Now enough talking, letís work, your horse is waiting for you.

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magestic beauty (20 June 2012):
Horses are awsome.
HorseDreamer (22 November 2010):
cant stop playing this game lol i do to many horses and then save then up my comp have made soo many things
della22 (5 December 2009):
I love this game a lot i am so good at creating a horse this game should have five stars hahahahahaha well i am going to play this game and do a nice job i hope you can make a good horse like me hahahahahahahaha bye you guys Happy
western4lyf (25 October 2009):
i just made the most awesome picture with a black and charcoal gray horse, black bat, black plants, cliff, sunset and boulders. it could be better but what can you do?  Cool  
Flamin Squirt123 (6 July 2009):
Actually once I got the hang of this game because on my mouse it is hard to move the pieces but I got the hang of it and it is a cool game.
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