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Title: Appleloosa

Description: Meet our pretty, little, hungry horsey. I named him Prince, but you can give him another name if you like. The greater concern is that he has not eaten for a while and heís waiting on your help. We all know that one of the things horses love to eat, besides carrots, is apples. So now, with your help, Prince will get his dessert. A whole range of apples is waiting on you to pick up and put in our horseís basket.

Game walkthrough: Apples will appear from the bottom and will move towards the top of the screen. You will need to find a bunch of at least three or more apples to be able to put them in the horseís basket. The larger the bunch, the more points you collect. So try to wait for a bigger bunch before you click on it. Also, there is the horse shoe on the top of the screen which you can press if you want the line of apples to appear faster. And try to keep an eye on rotten apples, as they are contagious.

Game instructions: You need to click on a bunch of at least three apples of the same color. By doing so, you are filling the basket of our hungry horse, and at the same time collecting points. As Iíve already mentioned, try to wait till a bunch of apples gets really big and then click on it. This way you will get more points. All of this you do with just a click on the left mouse button. You will only get to go to the next level when you reach the target level of points. The game ends when an apple reaches the top of the screen and then you have to start over. So try to be as quick as you can so that we can feed our Prince. I wish you the best of luck!

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Doggirl42 (30 January 2015):
This is the most coolest game ever. it is so fun that I do not know what to do but play it  
horseloverinworld (14 August 2012):
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